Non-invasive procedures are increasingly becoming more popular, especially amongst those who would usually seek cosmetic surgery. For the first time in a decade, surgical cosmetic procedures in the UK fell by 40%, proving the worth and increasing demand for non-surgical treatments. Read more here.

In the infographic, you will discover:

– How much the market for cosmetic surgery in the UK is declining
– The growing demand for non-invasive rhinoplasty (amongst other treatments)
– Which procedures are dominating the non-surgical cosmetics market in the USA
– Discover which countries are taking to the new non-invasive trends
– Internet search statistics and which treatments are rising in popularity

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It's not hard to see the appeal of non-invasive cosmetic treatments – they're cheaper, less high risk and for many people just as effective as surgery.

Popular medical websites are seeing a huge surge in searches for non-invasive procedures such as "fat freezing", derma fillers and non-surgical facelift sets - you can view the full figures of this new trend here.

Following the United States' lead, the market for cosmetic surgery in the UK is declining, while the demand for non-surgical procedures is dramatically increasing – talk to Venn Healthcare and discover the emerging effective and cost effective alternative treatments today.

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