Venn Healthcare held the Shockwave 2 UK Conference recently at the Royal College of Surgeons in London in November 2016. This was a CPD event chaired by leading orthopaedic consultant professor Nicola Maffulli, who helped coordinate the day's speaker line up which assembled together some of the pioneers of Shockwave together for the first time to speak in person.

As Venn now supplies more than 350 clinics in both the NHS and private sector with Shockwave devices and have worked with NICE and the insurers to develop the body of evidence supporting this treatment — it was great opportunity to gather together experts, industry professionals and leading practitioners and open the floor to debate and discussion.

Visit the Venn Healthcare YouTube channel to see videos of the talks by:

    Professor Nicola Maffulli

   Acute-Phase ESWT in Sports Medicine
– Wishful Thinking or Evidence Based

Professor Jan-Dirk Rompe

    Setting up a shockwave service from a
Commissioner’s view
Ms Sharon Finney

    ASSERT. The evidence from the protocol and its application to practice
Mrs Gayle Maffulli and Professor Nicola Maffulli

    The creation of an evidence-based
NHS Heel Pain Service with SWT
Mr Robert Cox

    Shockwave Therapy
A Patient’s Experience

   A review Use of Peri Actors and Spine Actors.
A practical demonstration
Mr Paul Hobrough

    Shockwave Clinic. What RSW & FSW can deliver
Mr Chris Schiel

 Innovation in shockwave
Dr Ernst Marlinghaus

    FDA trial: focused ESWT on heel pain.
Shockwave therapy: An update
Professor Gerdesmeyer

    ASSERT and its use in the broader clinical arena
Mrs Gayle Maffulli

   The use of SWT Following Radical Prostatectomy
Mr Suks Minhas


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