Faster, better results – combination therapies for aesthetics

Combination Cosmetic treatments

A one-size-fits-all approach to anti-ageing and body contouring treatments is fast becoming an outdated approach. Clinic owners and practitioners can achieve better results from their anti-ageing and body contouring treatments through the use of combination therapies.

Utilise a range of technology to gain the best from your treatments

Clinics invest a lot of time and money into new devices, training staff and marketing the treatments. What if your clinic could maximise return on investment and offer patients even better results by combining technologies – achieving faster and more dramatic results.

What is Combination Therapy?

Combination therapy (or polytherapy) is a treatment pathway that uses more than one modality (versus monotherapy, which is any therapy taken alone). The practice is not new to medicine, but is a fairly new approach in aesthetic medicine. Over recent years there has been a sharp increase in combination therapies, with many aesthetics professionals recommending combination therapies for maximising results in anti-ageing and body contouring treatments.

Combination therapy to accelerate healing

As well as achieving better results for the clinics and patients, combination therapies can also be used as an aid to healing.  Aesthetics doctors, dermatologists and plastic surgeons worldwide are beginning to choose Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) as one of their preferred treatment for the acceleration of healing following other aesthetic procedures. LLLT is also great for preparing the skin for treatment.

Lutronic’s Healite II  is an example of one such device that complements by healing. The Healite  is highly complementary with other skin treatments such as non-ablative, ablative lasers and IPL treatments to improve and accelerate the healing process.  It can be particularly effective following minimally invasive treatments such as Lutronic’s INFINI RF (Microneedling with Radio Frequency) or Lutronic laser treatments for acne scars, tattoo removal and pigmentations. Lutronic laser devices include the eCO² laser or the Spectra XT.

How is Combination Therapy Beneficial?

A single therapy approach may not always bring about the desired result in the time frame required or expected. Certain factors can affect the final result and the speed in which results are seen, these factors may include patients skin type, the maximum number of treatments allowed in a certain time period, patient affordability and time. By combining treatments clinics can provide more visibly measurable results for their clients in a quicker time frame.

Are combination therapies safe?

Before offering combination therapies at your clinic we recommend you have the combination checked by a medical professional and with the manufacturer of the device. Contraindications for both modalities must be taken into account and ensure full training has been undertaken for all combinations.

Venn Healthcare’s recommended combination therapies go through clinical trials in order to prove efficacy and maintain levels of safety. These trials ensure that the combined effects are safe, while demonstrating how the two or more treatment methods interact with one another. For example if a client has a problem tummy, one modality targets the fat cells by utilising apoptosis-inducing radio frequency (AiRF), whilst the other modality employed in combination will tighten the skin by targeting the SMAS; thus attacking one problem area with two effective technologies. This combined use of technology increases the speed in which results are seen and offers greater patient satisfaction.

Evidence for combination therapies

Example Pilot Study

A recent successful pilot study conducted by Hyeyeon Kim, BalanceMe Clinic, January 2016, looked at the efficacy of combining Apoptosis-inducing radio frequency (Lutronic’s enCurve) with Acoustic wave or shockwave therapy (AWT).  

The Study



“The non-invasive combination of ESWT with non-contact apoptosis-inducing RF proved safe and effective for circumferential reduction in all patients enrolled in the study at 1 week after the 4th treatment in all 27 subjects, which mostly improved in the 19 subjects who went on for a further 2 treatment sessions. The treatment was well-tolerated by all patients and was pain- and side effect-free”

“Both ESWT followed by AiRF and AiRF followed by ESWT gave significant girth reductions, with the first of these combinations showing slightly better (though not statistically significant) results, especially in circumferential reduction. Further controlled trials with larger populations and longer follow-ups are warranted to confirm the optimistic results presented by the present study”

This article has been submitted for publication to the journal Laser Therapy has been accepted, and is now pending

Full Study – encurve_white_paper_hy-kim

Venn Healthcare’s Top 6 Aesthetic Combinations Therapies:- 

Face & Neck Combinations

Best for anti-aging – Ultraformer + Spectra XT

Best for skin rejuvenation – Lasemd  INFINI = Total Skin

Best for Acne scarring and imperfections – INFINI  + HEALITE

Popular Body Combinations

Best circumferential reduction – enCurve + Accoustic Wave Therapy AWT

Best for fat reduction – Clatuu + Accoustic Wave Therapy AWT

Best for all over body contouring & skin tightening –  Clatuu Ultraformer


There are many other combination therapies using our range of devices, please contact our team for more information.

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