Cluederm Cool 4D Fat Freezing Technology

Affordable, Powerful, Portable Table-Top Device.

Busy clinic owners can offer faster treatment times, evenly distributed cooling, higher cooling conductivity, freezing to the optimum temperature of -9 for fat cell death. Exchangeable applicators Various cooling cups Dual hand piece for simultaneous use on two areas Dual user interface NEW 360° surround cooling technology. The world first entire cooling method by Patented CLATUU Classys. The technology transfers targeted cooling energy thoroughly to the treatment area and also delivers faster energy through its higher cooling conductivity.

Cool4D freezes to -9, the optimum temperature to permanently destroy fat cells.

How Fat Freezing cool 4d works
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How Cool4D Works

The targeted areas of fat are suctioned into the cooling cup.The 360˚ surround cooling energy freezes fat cells without damaging surrounding tissues. The stable and powerful cooling energy of the Cool4D triggers a process of natural cell death known as apoptosis. The body will then gradually remove the dead fat cells through its natural metabolism.
The fat cells targeted by the Cool4D are permanently removed from the body, resulting in a significant reduction of fat in the treated area.

Where can Cool4D treat?

Eliminate stubborn fat on the:

Love handles
bra bulges

There are no special requirements necessary before receiving treatment with the cool4D. There is also no downtime, patients can carry on with daily routines following treatment. Patients may begin to see results in as little as 2 weeks post treatment, but optimal results will be seen over the course of 4-12 weeks post treatment.  The number of treatments will vary from patient to patient.

What are the advantages of Cool4D


The controlled cooling method of the Cool4D’s 360° surround cooling energy targets and destroys only the fat cells. The even distribution of cooling energy at subzero temperatures yields highly effective results for fat reduction and body contouring. The versatility of the cooling applicators allow practitioners to treat patients on a wide range of areas. The cool4D’s dual hand-pieces also allow for multiple areas to be treated simultaneously for faster treatments. The user-friendly GIU allows practitioners to adjust suction levels, temperature and massage levels. The combination of the GUI features, along with the exchangeable cooling applicators and the portability of the cool4D device, makes this an ideal treatment going beyond convenience and satisfaction.