Lutronic Solari

Solari by Lutronic – The versatile advantage

The Solari by Lutronic is a versatile, new non-medical device that can be used in skin resurfacing and hair removal with the use of ‘Intense Pulse Light Therapy’ (IPL). It deploys pulses of light, using square pulse technology that ensures a flat, even amount of light per pulse and reduces the risk of side effects.

Physicians will be able to treat a wide range of conditions can be treated from this device, from skin resurfacing to skin rejuvenation to unwanted hair removal. This versatility is a real advantage in a busy clinic.

How the Solari by Lutronic works

Solari’s advanced skin cooling system lowers the temperature of the target area. This provides the safest and most comfortable procedure possible for your patients. It also offers rapid repetition, which means faster treatments of concentrated energy, improving overall clinical efficiency.

Specific targeting and cut-off filters also ensure minimal damage to surrounding tissue – that means non-invasive, pain-free aesthetic treatment for the patient.

Solari is an IPL system, which means it uses micropulses of different intensities, depending on the indication to be treated. But it’s an IPL system with a difference. Most IPLs use a Gaussian current pattern, which is an uneven approach and has a central hot spot.

The Solari’s beam, by contrast, is stable, flat and even – no hot spots, just uniform treatment over the targeted area with the right amount of power. This makes it very effective for larger areas on the body.

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Solari ensures the clinician will get the treatment results he
or she expects



– Skin cooling system

– Six cut-off filters

– S-Toning

– Square pulse

– Gentle treatment

– Rapid repetition rate

– Delivers flat, even light on each pulse

– Precise application


– Unwanted hair removal

– Fine lines and wrinkles

– Pigmented lesions

– Inflammatory acne

– Sagging skin

– Age spots

– Birthmarks

– Freckles



*PLEASE NOTE: Treatment results and patient experience will vary for every individual. Specific outcomes of any programme cannot be guaranteed.