Lutronic Clarity

Clarity by Lutronic – Unwanted Hair Removal

Clarity by Lutronic is a dual wavelength device that offers fantastic versatility in the number of indications it can treat for aesthetic purposes. It’s highly effective in permanently reducing unwanted hair at unprecedented speed, and can be used to treat certain skin problems across the face and body.

The treatment uses laser energy in short pulse widths. The dual wavelengths mean that all skin types can be treated (a great advantage among other devices for laser hair removal). Physicians can use Clarity’s laser treatment as a procedure to improve the appearance of pigmentation and rejuvenate the skin, as well as reduce unwanted hair.

Unsightly pigmented lesions caused by sun damage, ageing or simply genetics can be painlessly treated by Clarity without the need for medical intervention. The laser gently breaks up the lesion without damaging the surrounding tissue. The speed of the Clarity treatments means happy patients, and allows clinics to perform more advanced treatments, maximising return on investment.

How Clarity by Lutronic works

Clarity has a huge advantage over other brands due to its larger range of laser-based treatments because the practitioner has the option of 755nm or 1064nm wavelengths. This means that any skin type can be treated.

The correct wavelength is chosen to suit the patient’s needs, and the laser delivers precisely targeted photothermal energy (light that turns to heat) that can break up pigmentation lesions, destroy hair follicles, stimulate collagen production or whatever is required.

Clarity also offers single-fibre delivery with nine spot sizes ranging up to 20mm – in both wavelengths, in short pulse widths to minimise discomfort.

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"I have been using lasers for the past 18 years and I can honestly say that the Lutronic Clarity Laser is the quickest and most effective laser I have ever used. The speed of the laser is fantastic and I am able to treat patients in half the time compared to my previous systems. The hand piece is so light and the system is so well made" 
Karen Montagnino owner of Mode Beauty Loughton Essex
The worldwide first dual fractional feature by one hand piece supports safer and gentler procedures



– Ergonomic design

– Multiple applications

– Combination therapy

– Rapid and gentle procedures

– Choice of built-in Intelligent Cooling Device™ or air cooling

– Nine spot-size choices up to 20mm in both wavelengths

– Micro lens array

– Wavelength 755nm/1064 nm


varicose vein CLARITY.JPG


– Hair removal

– Skin tightening and firming

– Skin rejuvenation

– Pigmented lesions

– Leg veins

– Rosacea

– Blackheads

– Large pores

– Acne

– Wrinkles



*PLEASE NOTE: Treatment results and patient experience will vary for every individual. Specific outcomes of any programme cannot be guaranteed.