Lutronic eC02

eCO2 by Lutronic– Speeding up rejuvenation

The eCO2 by Lutronic is a fractional ablative laser procedure that offers a full range of resurfacing and aesthetic treatments – with minimal downtime and little discomfort to the patient.

A patented system places each micro laser beam in such a way that heat is dissipated between shots, reducing damage and speeding up rejuvenation and efficacy.


How the eCO2 by Lutronic works

The advanced technology present in the eCO2 contains two modes for laser treatments: Dynamic and Static. In Dynamic mode the practitioner can feather the results, preventing the ‘chequerboard’ demarcation lines that can happen with other systems.

Static mode concentrates on one area, up to 18mm by 18mm, with selectable density options, delivering precise treatment and a reduction of several passes over the same area of the body.

The eCO2’s tip auto-recognition automatically changes the treatment setting to adjust for any change in spot size. There are three spot sizes, each designed to address a patient’s particular needs for the best skin resurfacing treatment. 

The eCO2 uses an algorithm that pseudo-randomly delivers laser beams so that each lands as far as possible from the previous shot, allowing maximum heat dissipation between pulses.

It offers different depth settings too, so you can ablate areas as deep as 2.4mm without surgery or medical intervention.

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From ultra-deep to superficial ablation, the eCO2 has the features to address a broad range of clinical conditions



– Full spectrum of resurfacing treatments

– Quick-change tips with auto-recognition

– Minimal heat build-up

– Several hand pieces

– Ergonomic and compact design

– Reduced downtime

– Two energy delivery modes

– Reduced post-healing time

For use over the face and body


– Scars

– Deep wrinkles

– Skin tightening

– Large pores

– Sun damage

– Skin-tag removal

– Wart treatment

– Eyelid firming



*PLEASE NOTE: Treatment results and patient experience will vary for every individual. Specific outcomes of any programme cannot be guaranteed.