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Pioneering treatments for soft-tissue injuries




Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) combines radial pressure waves, focused shockwaves and vibration therapy. It delivers simple, non-surgical treatment for chronic musculoskeletal problems, persistent pain or niggling joint issues, and it is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE). Shockwave Therapy is clinically proven, covered by private health insurers, recognised by the top orthopeadic hospitals and used by high profile professional sports bodies such as the English Institute of Sport.

Shockwave therapy is a highly effective treatment for conditions such as Achilles Tendinopathy, Plantar Fasciitis and Calcific Tendonitis of the shoulder, to name a few. The therapy eliminates pain, restores full mobility and greatly improves quality of life, with beneficial effects typically experienced after only one or two sessions. 

Venn Healthcare has partnered with Storz Medical to supply their combined shockwave therapy system DUOLITH® SD1 and radial system MASTERPULS®, the most technologically advanced and successful ESWT systems in the world. Our clients include a number of UK Athletics, Welsh Rugby Union and many Premiere League football clubs, as well as a wide range of hospitals and physiotherapy clinics.

Meet customer demand with the latest, most innovative treatment solutions

The following conditions are the most commonly treated with Shockwave Therapy:



• Jumper’s Knee
• Painful Shoulder
• Tennis Elbow/Golfers Elbow
• Heel Spur
• Plantar Faciitis
• Insertional Pain
• Chronic tendinopathy
• Medial tibial stress syndrome
• Calcifications
• Hip pain
• Achilles tendinitis





Venn Healthcare provides some of the most cutting-edge and affordable Shockwave systems on the market, incorporating focused and radial ESWT with optional integrated ultrasound capability.

Click ‘Learn More’ below to download the full specification of devices in our ESWT range, or contact us on 0120 236 7260 to discuss your needs in detail.



Recommended for those new to Shockwave, these user-friendly devices enable the provision of cost-effective treatments for soft tissue injuries.



The MP 50 provides portable power at a low price point for practices. Simple and effective the MP 50 is a great way to introduce ESWT into your workflow or to expand your existing set-up to provide routine procedures without the need for large capital expenditure.


– The lightest, most portable low energy radial ESWT in the range

– Built in a single frame chassis at an affordable price

– Recommended for a small clinic developing an ESWT service

– Package and support for those new to Shockwave




Portable, lightweight, medium-use volume devices for clinics wanting to use Shockwave to treat soft-tissue injuries and to provide aesthetic face and body treatments.



The MP 100 builds on the MP 50 features, but provides more power to allow for a wider variety of treatments for the device. Venn customers have found particularly strong results in the treatment of chronic soft-tissue problems making it a very strong proposition for clinics specialising in physiotherapy. 


– Advanced ESWT device with integrated air compressor weighing only 10.5kg

– With a wide range of therapy settings the integrated compressor enables high frequency of shockwaves to be delivered and higher parameters for the V Actor hand piece

– Enables the clinic to provide a cost-effective solution to chronic soft tissue injuries

– Ideal for entry level aesthetic use – body and face treatments

– Built in a single-frame chassis at an affordable price



The Storz MP200 is an incredible combination of therapy technologies making it a great addition to any clinic as it provides the power needed for soft-tissue treatment, but also has key features making it a strong addition to a clinic's aesthetic portfolio.


– With a wide range of therapy settings the integrated compressor enables high frequency of shockwaves to be delivered and higher parameters for the V Actor hand piece

– Suitable for soft tissue injuries as well as entry level aesthetic use

– Radial shock wave therapy, with vibration therapy and complementary vacuum therapy – ideal treatment of muscles, fasciae and connective tissue structures are all combined in one treatment unit

– Can be upgraded to become a DUOLITH® SD1 »ultra«

STORZ+DUOLITH® SD1+»T-Top«ULTRA_compressed.jpg


With the DUOLITH® SD1 Storz has created the new standard for focussed shockwave (FSW) therapy. Able to address deep-lying problems that radial has proven less effective in treating FSW is providing clinics with an invaluable addition in their efforts to reach deeper trigger points in patients. An ergonomic design means less operator fatigue in tandem with less discomfort during application. The new Sepia handpiece, it is already a firm favourite with many Venn customers for easy repeatability meaning speedy, effective treatment sessions – increasing patient throughput and so device ROI.


– Therapies without medication or surgery

– Short treatment sessions

– No side-effects

– No anaesthesia required

– Can be easily repeated




Suitable for a wide range of orthopaedic, urological, aesthetic and physiotherapy treatments, these devices are ideal for large clinics and hospitals where frequent use is required.

STORZ+DUOLITH® SD1+ULTRA_compressed.jpg


The Duolith Ultra has found a strong market with clinics who want to be able to have multiple revenue streams from a single device. By providing powerful radial and focussed technologies, the Duolith has allowed users to offer complete treatment programmes in both fields from a single unit.


– R-SW/F- SW/Ultrasound modules

– Demand for both low energy radial and higher energy focused devices has significantly grown in the past 5 years

– The Duolith Ultra is an elegant solution for those who require the versatility of both Shockwave forms

– Now you can provide a one-stop-shop clinic with the addition of an integrated Ultrasound device



Storz have established themselves as pioneers in the development of new transmitters and applicator heads, all made to the same exacting standards as their familiar devices. Widely used for programmes such as enthesopathies, trigger points and myofascial treatments, Storz Medical have paid close attention to ergonomic details, creating a far more comfortable experience for both patient and operator, which also increases the speed and efficacy of every session.


Paravertebral muscles, dysfunctions in the entire spinal column, muscular imbalances and pain conditions as well as trigger points are now maximised for R-SW therapy through the development of these new fork shaped transmitters.


The transmitter design allows the fasciae and trigger bands to be targeted and treated with greater precision than older designs.


Pneumatic generated vibration pulses are used for muscle and connective tissue relaxation, this helps in the elimination of adhesions, improves microcirculation, neuromuscular performance, leading to more impactful revitalisation sesssions.



*PLEASE NOTE: Treatment results and patient experience will vary for every individual. Specific outcomes of any programme cannot be guaranteed.