Retired NHS Nurse, Achilles Tendonitis

Elizabeth Neil, Age 60's 

Patient story achilles tendonitis Shockwave therapy.jpg

Condition: Achilles Tendinitis

Treated at How Clinic, Edinburgh

Device: Storz MP200 RSW

How long have you had / did you have symptoms?
First began about 10 years ago

How did it impact your life / sport / physical activity?
It made walking very painful gradually leading to decreasing levels of exercise and physical activity

What other treatments did you try prior to Shockwave Therapy?
I tried many different treatments such as...

  • I had several appts with my GP with little interest or result from them.
  • Analgesia both systemic and topical
  • Physiotherapy and stretching exercises - several courses
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Ice baths twice daily
  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractor
  • Podiatrist - had prescription orthotics made and was contemplating steroid injections to the tendon

All the above had some temporary alleviation of symptoms but no lasting result.

How did you find the Shockwave Therapy treatment ?
I had no problem with the shock wave therapy indeed felt quite relaxed during

How many sessions of Shockwave Therapy did you have ?
I have so far had 10 treatments at monthly intervals

How was it immediately after treatment ?
No problem. Some immediate reduction of pain then gradually as the sessions
progressed the increase of pain free days versus painful days.

How long since your last session of Shockwave Therapy?
Approx 2 weeks

How is the condition now and how has it improved your life / sport / physical activity?
Condition is much improved most days are pain free with perhaps little morning
stiffness but that could also be attributed to age. Am able to go downstairs first thing in
the morning normally with very little stiffness. Physical activity has improved
dramatically and walking has become a pleasure again. General mobility has
recovered in the ankle and ankle swelling has reduced to almost nothing. I’m still at
the stage of rebuilding the confidence that this improvement is permanent but it has
restored a lot of enjoyment of a pain free life. 

Would you recommend Shockwave Therapy to others with this condition or similar

I would be most happy to recommend this treatment to others with similar problems.
As I had the problem for such a long time and as a retired NHS nurse I did not expect it to resolve overnight, I felt there must be considerable damage to
rectify. I would definitely say I had improvement from the first session which has continued to improve with each successive treatment to the point that now I only have
the odd twinge on occasions which after all this time seems almost miraculous to me.

sarah campbell