Semi-professional footballer Chronic Groin Pain

Semi-professional footballer with Chronic Groin Pain is interviewed by Benoy Mathew following his Shockwave Therapy Sessions at Harley Street Physio

He describes how his abductor had been causing pain for 4 years, which was effecting his training and match fitness. He had tried various exercises but nothing had worked. He had heard of Shockwave Therapy being used as professional football clubs and Premiere League football clubs, so called Benoy Mathew for consultation and treatment. 

After just 4 sessions of shockwave therapy he describes his abductor as "the best it's felt in 4/5 years, for the first time in 3 years I can play 2 matches in a week. I am back playing regularly, training 3 times a week and playing matches. I am not 100% but close to being there" 

Shockwave device used: Storz MP50 RSW


sarah campbell