Chronic Back Pain and Tennis Elbow

Kevin Mccabe Shockwave therapy Success Story.png

Kevin Mccabe, 

Conditions: – Chronic Back Pain & Tennis Elbow 

Treated by: How Clinic, Edinburgh

Device Used: MP200 MasterPuls + V-ACTOR handpiece + SPINE-ACTOR + PERI-ACTOR transmitters

Kevin Mccabe is a successful businessmen and record breaking fly fishing champion. Recently winning the first heat of the 2018 Scottish National Championship on 17th April at the Lake of Menteith with an incredible 39 fish! Kevin puts his recent fishing success down to Shockwave Therapy and Vibration Therapy following years of debilitating back pain and tennis elbow.

For 25 years, Kevin has suffered with chronic back pain to the point of finding hard to sit and bend. Coupled with a painful tennis elbow condition Kevin’s mobility and quality of life was greatly affected. That was until approximately 2 years ago when Kevin went to the How Clinic in Edinburgh, it was here that Osteopath and Shockwave expert Helen How confirmed that years of fishing had seized up Kevin’s back and had contributed to his severe right lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow).     

Thanks to the arrival of the new SPINAL-ACTOR® and PERI-ACTOR® Fascia applicators, developed by Storz Medical for the treatment of fascia and painful areas, Helen was able to offer him the full range of Shockwave Therapy treatments. This holistic approach to his conditions treated surrounding muscles and fascia. Treatments included the PERI-ACTOR® transmitters for fascia therapy and SPINE-ACTOR® transmitters for the treatment of the paravertebral spinal region.

Kevin was prescribed a course of Shockwave Therapy for the treatment of his Tennis elbow and a combination of Shockwave and Vibration Therapy for the seized muscles around his spine. He received regular weekly vibration therapy and intermittent shockwave sessions on his back when muscle spasms occurred. 

Kevin McCabe is monitored by a Neurosurgeon and has had MRI scan for his back spasms, his Neurosurgeon decided against invasive medical interventions, preferring Kevin to continue with conservative regular vibration therapy. Kevin also went to his GP for a cortisol steroid injection but the GP advised against it and said only if absolutely necessary. The GP recommended Kevin continue with the Shockwave and vibration therapy.  

Kevin’s Tennis elbow was cured after a course of radial shockwave therapy and he continues to visit Helen’s clinic weekly for V ACTOR vibration maintenance therapy over his back muscles, this keeps him mobile and pain free. Kevin describes Shockwave Therapy as; “the best treatment I’ve ever had”. It has allowed him to continue his work as a successful builder and businessman as well as return to his love of competitive fishing and record breaking catches!

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