Arthritis Hip

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Julie Lloyd, 

Condition: Arthritis Hips 

Treated at: Outreach Physio

Device: Storz MP50 RSW 


What is / was your condition? 

Arthritis of the hips 

How long have you had / did you have symptoms?   

I have had arthritis in my hips for over 5 years 

How did it impact your life / sport / physical activity?   

I found walking very painful which meant I walked and exercised much less. 

What other treatments did you try prior to Shockwave Therapy?  

Massage and electrotherapy but neither worked. 

How was it during the Shockwave Therapy treatment?

I found shockwave therapy for my hip relatively painless, I felt some discomfort when my physio was establishing the area that required treatment, but that disappeared as the treatment progressed. Immediately after treatment there was some tenderness but it was bearable. 

How many sessions of Shockwave Therapy did you have? 

I had 6 sessions of Shockwave therapy on my hip.

How long since your last session of Shockwave Therapy? 

My last shockwave therapy treatment was 3 months ago.

How is the condition now and how has it improved your life / sport / physical activity?

Since the shockwave therapy treatments on my hip I can now walk much further without stopping and I don't have to take pain killers as often. 

Would you recommend Shockwave Therapy to others with this condition or similar conditions?

Yes, I would recommend Shockwave therapy for hip pain / arthritis.  



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