Competitive Swimmer’s Shockwave Therapy Success for Shoulder Pain

Swimmer Shoulder Pain Success Shockwave Therapyy ESWT.jpg

David Emerson, Competitive Masters Swimmer | Double European record holder

Condition: Shoulder Pain

Treated at: Indergaard Physio

Device: Storz MP50

I went to see Indergaard Physio with shoulder pain which had gradually become worse, it was hampering my performance in the pool so much I had to stop my main stroke.

I had 3 sessions of Shockwave Therapy ESWT and the results have been remarkable. It was an interesting form of treatment, there was a mild discomfort after each treatment session and I was a little sore the next day, but then the pain got less and less after each treatment. After the 3rd Shockwave treatment the pain was completely gone.

I was very happy, as I can now put full pressure on the shoulder in the pool and get back into training. I would definitely recommend Shockwave Therapy ESWT to anyone with shoulder tendon problems.

Swimmers Shoulder

‘Swimmer’s shoulder’ is a general term covering a wide range of painful shoulder overuse injuries in swimmers. There are various parts of the shoulder that can be injured from a swimming stroke, the pain can be anything from local pain near the joint, to a spreading pain that travels up the shoulder, the neck and into the arm.

It is thought that over a 1/3 of top level swimmers experience shoulder pain that hampers normal training. If you are a swimmer experiencing shoulder pain, please visit our clinic finder to find your nearest shockwave therapy provider

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