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Education to master various medical aesthetics technologies, improve patient outcomes, learn new protocols, share expertise, build communities and take your clinic to the next level. Venn Healthcare has been providing medical and aesthetic professionals in the UK with leading education courses since 2015.

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2024 Course Structure

Cancellation policy applies to all in-person events and meetings.

*If you require refresher or new staff training you have access to any training academy dates in Liverpool or London (free of charge) OR alternatively at your clinic for £650 + VAT

…it is hard to imagine a better advocate and teacher

LeeAnn is an outstanding teacher. She is so clear and so patient and speaks with such confidence that it is hard to imagine a better advocate and teacher for Venn’s excellent energy-based devices.

LeeAnn is outstanding and unique.

Dr Christopher Rowland Payne, Clinical Dermatologist

…impeccable guidance and support

Lee-Ann was absolutely amazing. Very informative and listened and answered all questions with advanced knowledge. Because of her impeccable guidance and support I am now comfortable and confident in performing Ultraformer III and Clatuu fat freezing to all my clients. Thank you for being an excellent trainer. And thank you for taking the time out to go through some anatomy and physiology to make sure we are all at level and have a deeper understanding

Patrice Brown, Skin Cosmetics London

…explicit, informative and comprehensive

“Very good training, is not my first training with Leeann…Very explicit, informative and comprehensive. Amazing technologies to work with and great results!”

Cristina Onciu, ED Medispa
hifu starter qualification

Getting Started with HIFU

Level 1 Theory (Online)

HIFU treatments, first introduced in 2007, have seen a surge in popularity in recent years as a non-invasive cosmetic option. Since 2013, HIFU has been making waves in the industry, with high demand for training across the UK. As more individuals discover the benefits of HIFU, we anticipate the market to continue expanding in the coming decade. HIFU offers a solution for achieving firmer, more youthful-looking skin without the need for surgery.

Join us on this online course exploring the theory behind how and why HIFU works.

Getting Started with Aquapure Hydradermabrasion

Level 1 Theory (Online)

AQUAPURE is a 4-in-1 hydradermabrasion treatment which targets a range of skin concerns including lines and wrinkles, skin tone, pigmentation, congestion, dullness, and dryness. This is the ideal treatment to revitalise and smooth the skin, while incorporating advanced techniques to firm and tone.

Learn how each of the fours stages work and how to best incorporate hydradermabrasion into your treatments.

clatuu alpha fat freezing treatment demo

Getting Started with Cryolipolysis

Level 1 Theory (Online)

Fat freezing is exceptionally effective, it’s non-surgical and pain-free. It is also recorded to have fantastic outcomes. It eliminates undesirable pockets of stubborn fat, by killing fat cells, while smoothing and shaping your figure. This procedure is an exceptional alternative in contrast to customary liposuction.

Offering this treatment as part of your services will not only help you to generate higher profits but will help promote your business as up-to-date and offering all of the latest, cutting-edge treatments that are out there.


Who are the trainers?

leeanne headshot


Lee-Ann has a National Diploma in Somatology obtained at the University of Technology in Durban, South Africa. She has over 15 years experience in advanced aesthetics having worked closely alongside some of the best medical professionals in the UK and South Africa.

Lee-Ann is a hugely popular member of the Venn team as she travels the country showing clinics the full power of their devices through bespoke training sessions. Whether in front of 200 people at a product showcases, or in intense one-to-one sessions, Lee-Ann is always focussed giving the best, most up-to-date information on all Venn devices.


Zoe has been in the beauty and aesthetics industry for 10 years, gaining a wealth of experience in a practitioner role for a leading cosmetic surgery company to management in some of the most well known chains in the UK. This has given Zoe a clear understanding of what a client is looking for on their journey to discovering new business opportunities as well as their specific training needs.

Agota headshot

AGOTA LUKACSI | Aesthetic sales & training

Originally from Hungary, Agota has more than 20 years of experience in the beauty and aesthetic industry. She has worked in a wide range of settings including cruise ships and high end spas and aesthetic clinics in London. Also part of Lee-Ann’s team, Agota also trains our customers to be able to confidently use their new devices.


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