High Energy Compact Module For Medium to large clinics

Portable, lightweight, medium-use volume shockwave therapy device for clinics .wanting to treat soft-tissue injuries and large muscle groups.

The Non-surgical Alternative

Masterpuls 100 (MP100) by Storz Medical is a new device for delivering extracorporeal shockwave therapy (EWST), a healing technique that started life as a treatment for sports injuries.

It can be used on major joints such as shoulder, elbow, hip and knee, as well as soft tissue injuries. Treatments are fast (10-20 minutes per session) and the benefits, including reduced pain, can be felt almost immediately. It’s had excellent results on conditions where surgery is not an option, or when medical pain relief and injections no longer work.

With a larger compressor than the Masterpuls 50, the Masterpuls 100 is ideal for a busy clinic that offers a wide range of treatments. Venn customers have found particularly strong results in the treatment of chronic soft-tissue problems making it an essential part of a clinician’s toolbox, popular with those specialising in physiotherapy, osteopathy, podiatry and sports medicine.

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storz medical mp100 shockwave machine

System at a Glance

  • Dimensions without touch screen: 426 x 144 x 340 mm
  • Weight: 10.5 kg
  • Compressor, integrated
  • 10” touch screen (optional)
  • Falcon hand piece with R15, D20S and DI15 Applicators
  • Fascia & Spine Actors (optional)
  • Radial Pressure Wave
    Pressure: max. 5 bar frequency: 1 – 21 Hz
    (depending on pressure)
  • V-ACTOR® »HF« handpiece (optional): 1 – 31 Hz

Key Features

  • Advanced ESWT device with integrated air compressor weighing only 10.5kg
  • With a wide range of therapy settings the integrated compressor enables high frequency of shockwaves to be delivered and higher parameters for the V Actor hand piece
  • Enables the clinic to provide a cost-effective solution to chronic soft tissue injuries
  • Ideal for entry level aesthetic use – body and face treatments
  • Built in a single-frame chassis at an affordable price

Falcon R-SW Handpiece

The ergonomic design of the Falcon handpiece is optimised for user comfort and convenience. All controls are integrated at the handpiece to optimise treatments, without the need to return to the device to change settings. The Skin Touch sensor enables the handpiece to activate automatically upon contact with the patient’s skin, allowing for easier and quicker treatments.

Treatments are fast (10-20 minutes per session) and the benefits, including reduced pain, can be felt almost immediately

storz medical mp100 radial shockwave therapy device
radial shockwave applicators

Radial Transmitters

Falcon handpieces are also compatible with Storz Medical radial transmitters.

These transmitters replace the tip of the Falcon R-SW handpiece, tailoring the delivery of shockwaves to each patient depending on the location or nature of their ailment.

The MP100 comes with the R15, D20s and DI15 transmitters as standard. Other transmitters are optional additions.

Other Radial Shockwaves Systems

Additional treatments across all muskuloskeletal disciplines

The MASTERPULS 100 or MP100 builds on the MP50 features, but provides more power to allow .for a wider variety of treatments, including aesthetic face & body treatments.

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