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Vacuum cup therapy

Vacuum therapy or Suction Wave Therapy is used to support radial shockwave, it can be used to treat both chronic and acute pain conditions. It is particularly suitable for treating muscular overload damage and connective tissue structures.

  • To prepare tissue for any kind of intense myofascial release technique – for example Shockwave.
  • Severe tissue adhesions or other structural connective tissue disorders
  • Areas with subcutaneous metabolic malperformance
  • Constant/intermittent mechanical stress to skin and tissue layers
  • Stretching/straightening of fabric structures
  • Dissolving adhesions between tissue layers
  • Tissue mobilisation
  • Direct myofascial release
  • Subjective vasodilatory effect
  • Direct muscular reaction with relaxation in the follow
  • Reactive adaptation of tissue flexibility and elasticity
  • Pain cover (Gate-Control-Mechanism)
  • Pressure difference to surrounding environment leads to high reflow
  • Local ischemia by seclusion creates high metabolic demand
  • Expression of vasoactive agents (Histamine etc.)
  • Mechanic blood-/lymphatic flow support
  • stimulation of reflective pathways

VACU-Cups with safety hole

XS: Small, localised areas
S: Extremities/cervical spine
M: Extremities/thoracic/lumbar spine
L: Large areas of the body (gluteal area, thigh, calf)

vacuum cup

Compatible with MASTERPULS® MP200 »ultra« or DUOLITH SD1® Tower »ultra«

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