Our most powerful radial shockwave device for medium to large clinics

Advanced Capabilities for Complex Conditions:

The Next Generation in Radial Shockwave Therapy

The STORZ MASTERPULS® MP200 ULTRA is our highest powered radial shockwave device.

With superior depth penetration and intensity control, it offers clinicians the flexibility to tackle more complex conditions effectively. The MP200 redefines what’s possible in radial shockwave therapy, offering a combination of power, precision, and versatility unmatched in the field.

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The System at a Glance

  • Dimensions without touch screen: 466 x 187 x 454 mm
  • Weight: 23 kg
  • Compressor: Integrated
  • 10” touch screen (optional)
  • Falcon handpiece with R15, D20S and DI15 transmitters
  • Fascia & Spine Actors (optional)
  • Vacu-cupping included
  • Radial Pressure Wave technology
  • Pressure: Max. 5 bar
  • Frequency: 1 – 21 Hz
  • »Skin Touch« function
  • VACU-ACTOR® cupping technology
  • V-ACTOR® »HF« handpiece (optional): 1 – 50 Hz

Key Features

  • With a wide range of therapy settings the integrated compressor enables high frequency of shockwaves to be delivered and higher parameters for the V-Actor massage handpiece.
  • Suitable for soft tissue injuries as well as entry level aesthetic use.
  • Triple technology: radial shockwave therapy, vibration therapy (optional) and vacuum therapy. Radial shockwave therapy, with vibration therapy and complementary vacuum therapy – ideal treatment of muscles, fascia and connective tissue structures are all combined in one treatment unit.
  • Can be upgraded to become a Focused DUOLITH® SD1 »ultra«.
  • Wide range of therapy settings.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Ideal for entry-level aesthetic use (face and body).
  • Hand piece with integrated controls.
storz medical mp200 shockwave therapy device

The Big Clinic Solution

The largest and most powerful Masterpuls in the range. The MP200 has a larger compressor and a higher maximum bar pressure than its sister devices, meaning it acts as a workhorse for busy clinics or hospitals that regularly treats a wide range of relevant MSK pathologies.

Like the MP100, it can be used on major joints such as shoulder, elbow, hip and knee, as well as soft tissue injuries, trigger points, large muscle groups and for aesthetic applications.

Falcon R-SW Handpiece

Like the MP50 and MP100, the MP200 features the Falcon handpiece which has been ergonomically designed for practitioner comfort and ease of treatment delivery. All settings and controls are integrated directly in the handpiece, optimising the speed and ease of treatments. The Falcon handpiece also features clever Skin Touch sensor, which automatically activates upon contact with the skin..

A workhorse of a shockwave device, powerful and reliable.

storz medical mp200 radial shockwave therapy

The optional 10″ touch screen panel enhances the pressure wave device, incorporating advanced features for comprehensive device management. It introduces a patient management system and offers user-recommended treatment parameters, supported by instructional videos and images for an intuitive selection process.

With the inclusion of Visible Body software, users gain an immersive exploration of human anatomy, from muscular to macroscopic and microscopic levels. This feature provides detailed anatomical insights and interactive 3D models for a dynamic understanding of muscle movements, pathologies, and conditions, fostering an enriched interaction between practitioners and patients.

radial shockwave applicators

Radial Transmitters

Falcon handpieces are also compatible with Storz Medical radial transmitters.

These transmitters replace the tip of the Falcon R-SW handpiece, tailoring the delivery of shockwaves to each patient depending on the location or nature of their ailment.

The MP200 comes with the R15, D20s and DI15 transmitters as standard. Other transmitters are optional additions.

Other Radial Shockwaves Systems

Additional treatments across all muskuloskeletal disciplines

The MASTERPULS 100 or MP100 builds on the MP50 features, but provides more power to allow .for a wider variety of treatments, including aesthetic face & body treatments.

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