Radial Shockwave Therapy Machines

Your guide to Storz Radial Pressure Wave / Shockwave Devices.

STORZ MEDICAL radial pressure wave / shockwave therapy systems have been used in orthopaedics since the early 90’s. The broad spectrum of indications that can be treated with shockwave means clinics can improve their healthcare services by using the most up to date, clinically proven technologies with hundreds of supporting clinical papers.

There are two types of Shockwave, Radial Pressure Waves and Focused Shockwaves, learn more about the differences here.

Therapeutic shockwaves have been used as a medical treatment for eliminating kidney stones without causing injury over 40 years ago. Today the use of Radial Shockwaves or Radial Pressure Waves have been successfully used for musculoskeletal conditions. The treatment is known by a few different names, SHOCK WAVE THERAPY, EXTRACORPOREAL SHOCKWAVE THERAPY (ESWT).

Radial Pressure Waves are lower density pulses of energy generated by compressed air which converts into acoustic energy. Radial shockwave delivers most of its energy at the contact point (skin) and progressively reduces as soundwaves pass into the tissue. Penetration can be modified by frequency and transmitter type. Radial pressure waves have a superficial spread and a slow impulse.

Radial Shockwaves have the following therapeutic effects:

  • Pain reduction
  • Creates a pro-inflammatory response to kickstart the body’s natural healing processes
  • Increases blood flow, promoting tissue healing and regeneration

What Radial Shockwave Device is right for me?

MASTERPULS® MPONE, MP50, MP100 & MP200 Ultra Line system

Buying a shockwave device is like buying a car, you can purchase a basic model which does the job perfectly well or you can upgrade to a premium model that offers you more functions and features.

All four of the Storz Masterpuls Ultra Line range are Radial pressure shockwave devices with different energy outputs. Radial pressure wave shockwave device energy is measured in bars, each device has a different bar pressure output, the bar pressure required for your clinical practice will depend largely on the type of patients you are treating, your clinics’ size and of course your budget.

Popular Radial Shockwave Devices

The three most popular systems sold to clinics in the UK are the Masterpuls Ultra Line range MP50, MP100 and MP200, they are compact, modular and easily moved around the clinic. All three feature the Falcon handpiece, designed for user comfort with all controls inbuilt into the handpiece so the clinician can control all settings and intensity at the handpiece itself without returning to the machine. The Skin Touch sensor serves for starting or stopping the triggering of pulses directly at the patient by applying pressure slightly to the skin.

The main difference between the MP50 and MP100/MP200 is the size of the devices and the bar pressure, the MP50 has a bar pressure of up to a maximum of 4 bar, whereas the MP100 and 200’s bar pressure goes up to 5 bar. Most clinicians will treat a patient with a bar pressure between 1 and 3 so the MP50 will suffice, however for larger clinics a device with greater energy output would be more suitable as they will be treating a broader range of patients and using the machine more frequently. A higher bar of energy is quite often required when treating patients with a greater BMI, elite sports persons or those with large areas of muscle mass, these cases may require a bar pressure of up to 5. The larger devices can also cross over into aesthetic treatments, where higher energy output and longer treatment times are required.

What can Radial Shockwave Therapy Treat? :

Most common indications include but not limited to:

A. Plantar Fasciitis

B. Chronic Tendinopathy:

  • Achilles
  • Patellar
  • Gluteal
  • Adductors
  • Proximal Hamstrings
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Golfers Elbow
  • Distal Biceps
  • Calcific Tendinopathy

C. Myofascial Pain

All three systems are exceptionally reliable with low maintenance costs and silent on-board Air Power drive. All three systems are compatible with the V-ACTOR® handpiece, this is an optional feature offering high frequency vibration/massage therapy. The MP200 can be further complemented with a 3rd technology, VACU-ACTOR® vacuum cup therapy.

Thanks to the large range of optional transmitters developed by Storz the energy from the radial devices can be intensified with different transmitter heads. Transmitters vary in head size and material which varies the penetration depth and intensity across shockwave therapy treatments. For example, the deep impact transmitter can treat up to 5cm in depth, allowing the MP50 to treat a broader range of patients. However, the MPONE is not compatible with Storz’s SPINE-ACTOR® and PERI-ACTOR®, these are optimally shaped to reach the vertebral joints of the entire spinal column and fasciae and trigger bands throughout the body.

Radial Shockwave Education and ongoing support

With all devices clinicians are offered free training at our Starter level CPD courses, you can choose to attend as many as you like within your first year (subject to availability), you also have access to a to hour skype session with one of Venn Healthcare’s trainers as well as an abundance of online webinars and other resources. One to one training can also be arranged, prices on request. Master courses are available for more experienced practitioners if you wish to extend your knowledge further.

Not sure which radial shockwave therapy system is right for you? Then please get in touch, our experienced team will be able to guide you to the right system and help you choose a payment or rental plan to suit your budget.

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