Combined Shockwave Therapy & EMTT

Efficacy of using combined shockwave therapy devices and other therapies such as EMTT

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This course is designed for practitioners, including physiotherapists, osteopaths, and podiatrists, who have some experience using shockwave therapy devices, but may be using these devices as single modalities.

It aims to introduce the concept of combining shockwave therapy with other therapies, such as Extracorporeal Magneto-Transduction Therapy (EMTT), and present evidence for the superior efficacy of combination therapy in various medical specialties.

The course will feature presentation of case studies, demonstrations, and practical sessions on how to effectively use combination therapy to treat a range of musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions.

It will also cover the differences between radial and focused shockwave therapy, as well as the application of combining focused shockwave therapy with EMTT.

The course will be held at either our London or Liverpool training centers, starting at 9am and ending at approximately 4pm, with a break for lunch (provided) around midday.

After the course, there will be time for attendees to ask any specific questions about shockwave therapy or related topics.

This course is only open to practitioners who have been using a Storz Medical shockwave therapy or EMTT device for at least six months.

Yves De Vos Venn Healthcare

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£275 per person


Lunch provided

(£220 early bird)

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the major differences between radial and focused shockwave therapy.

  • Introduction to the concept of combining radial and focused shockwave therapy.

  • Introduction to combining other therapies with shockwave therapy.

  • Better understanding of how EMTT works and where it fits in as a single modality in your clinic.

  • Better understanding of the application of combining focused shockwave and EMTT.

  • Learn practical protocols on how to treat various MSK conditions with combination therapy such as non-union fractures, entrapment neuropathies, OA, calcific tendinopathies.