Our Shockwave. Therapy Courses


Shockwave therapy training and education days for medical professionals including MSK specialists such as physiotherapists, osteopaths, podiatrists, chiropractors, sports doctors and more.

Venn Healthcare provides CPD accredited shockwave therapy courses in the UK. From how to run a successful shockwave therapy service to more advanced workshop sessions you can choose which course would provide you with the most value.

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Focus on Focused – Introducing full day  courses for Focused Shockwave Therapy

Venn Healthcare is the 1st company to dedicate full day courses to focused shockwave therapy, this is in response to the increasing demand for focused shockwave systems thanks to increased treatment options, depth, precision, and patient comfort in more acute case. Here is the course structure:

shockwave therapy course breakdown

Starter Courses

INTRODUCTION and FUNDAMENTALS of RADIAL/FOCUSED SHOCKWAVE THERAPY – If you are only looking into shockwave therapy or have just purchased a device, this beginner course is the perfect base to get started on your shockwave journey. 6 CPD Points awarded for all STARTER Courses.

Radial Starter

Shockwave Therapy for MSK conditions

Focused Starter

Shockwave Therapy for a wider scope of pathologies

Master Courses

ADVANCED TECHNIQUES using RADIAL/FOCUSED SHOCKWAVE THERAPY – The next level of knowledge when using shockwave therapy techniques. If you have had your device for 9 months or over and are looking to advance your skills or find out new avenues of treatment, you will benefit from a MASTER course.

Radial Master

Advanced Techniques using Radial Shockwave

Focused Master

Advanced Techniques using Focus Shockwave

Men’s Health Courses

Treating erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease and chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS) using FOCUSED SHOCKWAVE THERAPY. Treat men’s health issues using the same shockwave technology you use for MSK and other conditions.

Men’s Health

Treating Men’s Health Conditions Using Focused Shockwave

shcokwave therapy training course structure


Focused Shockwave Master Course

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focused master shockwave course

…ensures a real clinical perspective

My team would like to thank James Woledge for his help in delivering the training in a relaxed methodical pace in which everyone could keep up with. As a lecturer, James’s knowledge, application and experience in the field of shockwave is unquestionable and he is clearly a credit to your organisation. In particular the way he links the clinical application for tendon pathologies based upon scientific research that falls in line with current NICE guidelines combined with his anecdotal experiences ensures a real clinical perspective for any new practitioner

Dr Carl Todd DOPhD, MSc (Sports Med), BSc (Hons) Ost, CSCS

…great recaps of anatomy and pearls of wisdom

“Thoroughly worth while course with Benoy Mathew – very practical with great recaps of anatomy and pearls of wisdom – would wholeheartedly encourage any practitioner who is interested in shockwave therapy to get booked onto this course”

Will Hunter

Who are the Speakers?

Find out more about the experienced individuals that conduct the Shockwave Therapy Training sessions here

How Shockwave Therapy can add value to your clinic

Shockwave therapy technology has become increasingly popular and more people are looking for shockwave treatment. By the end of the course, you should be able to demonstrate competency in the areas we discuss and be able to apply these within your own organisation.

Multiple Studies (including RCTs) has shown an improvement rate of 60 – 80 % improvement in chronic conditions that have not responded to conservative management. Shockwave therapy is an investment in your business, but it’s a sound investment. Shockwave therapy is a tested and well-established treatment that reduces pain and improves function.

If you have patients enquiring about treatments for pain release or wish to tap into a new market, gaining the knowledge needed on our shockwave therapy training course allows you to expand your clinic or business.

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