Shockwave Essentials

The fundamentals of radial shockwave / RPW

Course Details

Open to physiotherapists, osteopaths, podiatrists, sports therapists, chiropractors & GPs, this one-day course aims to train those with an introductory understanding or little experience of radial shockwave therapy to a level in which they are comfortable treating patients themselves.

The day is split between theory and practical sessions to ensure practical experience is gained with the device and to explore this revolutionary treatment that has helped clinics develop effective programs for their patients.

Common chronic conditions to be covered include (but not limited to): Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, patellar tendonitis, great trochanteric pain syndrome, tennis elbow and shoulder calcification along with the latest evidence on shockwave mechanisms and effectiveness

The course will begin at 9am and end at approximately 4pm and will be hosted in either our London, Birmingham or Liverpool training centres. There will be a break around midday for lunch, which is provided. Any dietary requirements will be requested after you book.

There will be time once the course ends to ask any specific questions about shockwave therapy or related topics.

This course will only cover radial shockwave (also called radial pressure wave) and will not cover focused shockwave or EMTT, which are covered on our “Greater Depth” course.

Course taught by

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£175 per person


Lunch provided

(£135 early bird)

Learning Outcomes:

  • History of shockwave therapy (mechanisms, indications and contraindications)

  • How current evidence is used to determine clinic protocols and how to apply them to your treatment sessions.

  • How to manage and treat the main areas of chronic tendinopathy (key conditions).

  • Gaining of hands-on experience from shockwave practicals and demos.

  • Patient selection.

  • How shockwave is used in conjunction with exercise and loading.

2023/4 Course dates

9th September 2023 – Birmingham – Mike Grice
21st October 2023 – Liverpool – Madhan Ramanathan
25th November 2023 – Birmingham – Mike Grice
9th December 2023 – Liverpool – Stuart Brown
13th January 2024 – Liverpool – Martin Thomas
2nd March 2024 – Birmingham – Mike Grice
3rd February 2024 – Birmingham – Mike Grice
9th March 2024 – Liverpool – Martin Thomas