Scorpio Clinics, a distinguished healthcare provider in Virginia Water, has evolved remarkably since its inception in 1986. Starting from a modest broom cupboard in a local sports centre, the clinic has grown into a comprehensive practice with a main facility featuring four treatment rooms and a Pilates studio, alongside satellite clinics in a GP practice and a retirement village. The clinic’s journey reflects its unwavering commitment to patient care and innovation.

Specialising in a wide range of services, Scorpio Clinics offers physiotherapy, osteopathy, Pilates, acupuncture, and Reiki, ensuring holistic and tailored treatments for their patients. The introduction of shockwave therapy in January 2022, prompted by persistent advocacy from one of the physios, has significantly enhanced their therapeutic repertoire. Equipped with both focused and radial shockwave devices, the clinic effectively treats tendinopathies, osteoarthritis, and Stecco fascial manipulation points, among others. Additionally, the integration of Extracorporeal Magnetotransduction Therapy (EMTT) has further broadened their treatment capabilities, delivering exceptional results for conditions like bone bruising.

The clinic’s partnership with Venn Healthcare has been instrumental in maintaining high standards of care, offering excellent communication, after-care, and continuous education. This collaboration ensures that Scorpio Clinics remains at the forefront of medical advancements, providing the best possible outcomes for their patients.

Below we speak to clinic owner Sophie Dhenin about her clinic.

Can you give us a brief history of your clinic?

Our practice was originally set up in a broom cupboard at the local sports centre in 1986. We paid £1 an hour for rent for the first few years. We now have a main clinic attached to my home (four treatment rooms and a pilates studio) plus a couple of satellite clinics (GP practice and in a retirement village) in Virginia Water.

What types of treatments and services do you specialise in?

We’re a fairly broad-reaching clinic, covering physio, osteopathy, pilates, acupuncture and most recently Reiki.

When did you first hear about shockwave therapy? What was it that made you want to explore it as an option for your clinic?

To stop the constant hassling from one of my physios! We finally got one to shut him up!

How long have you been using shockwave therapy? What types of devices do you have and what conditions do you treat most with them?

We’ve been using shockwave since Jan 2022 – we bought both a focused and a radial. We treat all the usual tendinopathies plus OA of the peripheral joints. Also use the focused for hitting Stecco fascial manipulation points. We’ve also recently started doing Men’s Health conditions.

Sophie Dhenin

Chartered Physiotherapist

Sophie, a Chartered Physiotherapist since 1988 and former Registered Osteopath, is renowned for her expertise in sports injuries. She pioneered the Graston Technique in the UK in 2004-5. With advanced training in Gunn IMS, Nielsen Technique, and Fascial Manipulation, Sophie blends physiotherapy and osteopathic methods, favouring a gentle yet effective approach.

What is the difference in your use of radial and focused shockwave?

We almost always use both – the radial to prepare the surrounding tissues (also bearing in mind fascial planes) then the focused to home in on the site of the injury.

What kind of benefits do your patients see as opposed to other treatments?

With shockwave we tend to see much quicker results and a lot of patients do like to suffer for a good cause! We see fantastic results using the focused for difficult-to-clear STECCO points

What kind of conditions have you been treating with EMTT and what kind of results are you seeing?

We use EMTT on pretty much everything! We see great results especially with things like bone bruising which otherwise tend to drag on.

Has integrating shockwave therapy and EMTT into your clinic benefited you as a business?

For sure! The two complement each other beautifully and are also great used separately. Financially they have worked well for us as a clinic and my team are very happy since they get paid a percentage of the fees.

What has your experience with Venn Healthcare been like so far?

When I decided to buy a shockwave I took myself off to Therapy Expo so as to be able to see all the machines on offer. There were various teams there and I spoke at length to them all. To be honest it was a no-brainer for me to choose Venn.

Although their team was not young / hip and cool (sorry guys!!) like some of the others, they had an enormous amount of clinical experience behind them and were able to talk to me much more knowledgeably.

Once I committed I was (and continue to be) really impressed with the excellent communications and after-care. The maintenance team are fantastic and always on hand to give advice over video calls: I have found this particularly useful. It’s vital because we use our shockwaves every day so there’s a big hole if one of them has a problem.

The admin team is also excellent as was the initial training. And, finally, the annual Venn update conference in London is a highly prized event and I wouldn’t miss it. Cannot recommend this company highly enough.