The world of skincare and aesthetics can be overwhelming and intimidating, but thanks to professionals like Amanda Cameron, it doesn’t have to be. As the former Editor of Aesthetics Journal and a true skin guru, Amanda Cameron has been helping to guide us through the world of skincare for years. Recently, she decided to take her own advice and undergo a HIFU treatment using the Ultraformer III, which is used to correct wrinkles, lax skin, tone, texture and skin damage.

To get the best possible results, Amanda put her trust in the hands of Lee-Ann Palmer head of training and HIFU expert at Venn Healthcare. “Amanda’s skin has been damaged by years of sun exposure, especially during her years working in the Middle East, Amanda was a keen sunworshipper by her own admission and this was her main area of concern.

After a full consultation and assessing her skin I decided to use the 2mm and 3mm cartridges as Amanda’s skin is thinner due to sun damage” explained Lee-Ann After her treatment, Amanda was very pleased by the results. She felt that the Ultraformer III HIFU treatment had made a significant difference in the appearance of her skin.

She noticed that her wrinkles were less noticeable and her skin had a firmer, more youthful look and feel. She was also pleased that the treatment was non-invasive, which meant that there was no downtime and minimal discomfort for her.

How does the Ultraformer III work?

Lee-ann explains that the Ultraformer III HIFU treatment is a revolutionary skin treatment that uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to treat wrinkles and lax skin without damaging the surface of the skin. Unlike traditional treatments that use heat or lasers to target specific areas, HIFU Ultraformer III uses focused ultrasound waves to penetrate the skin and create micro traumas in the SMAS layer.

This process triggers the body’s natural healing response, which results in the production of new collagen and elastin, resulting in firmer and smoother skin. This treatment is extremely effective and can be used to treat wrinkles and lax skin on the face, neck, and other areas of the body. The treatment is safe and effective, and there is no downtime.

The best part is that the results can be seen almost immediately and will continue to improve over the next few months as new collagen and elastin are produced. Most people only require one treatment in a year and optimal results are seen around 3/4 months post treatment. “We will continue to follows Amanda’s skin improvements and update our readers with more photos in the spring” said Lee-Ann.

So if you’re looking for a safe and effective way to reduce wrinkles and lax skin without any downtime or discomfort, HIFU Ultraformer III may be perfect solution.