Are you looking for a new way to elevate your practice and provide top-notch treatment for your patients? Look no further than shockwave therapy.

In a recent interview with Jonathan Austin, an osteopath and owner of Move Clinic Dorchester, he shared his experience with shockwave therapy and how it has transformed his practice for the better.

Jonathan purchased the Radial Storz MP100 from Venn Healthcare and now utilizes it in all three of his treatment rooms. Although he’s only been using it for a short period of time, shockwave therapy has already become an integral part of his practice. He’s seeing incredible results and treating various indications, including Plantar fasciitis, rotator cuffs, GTPS, and knees.

At first, Jonathan was unsure of to sell shockwave therapy to his patients, but with the overwhelming body of evidence supporting its effectiveness and the results he’s seeing firsthand, he’s now fully confident in selling and charging for the treatments, and has received a lot of enthusiasm from patients.

The impact on his business has been significant. Shockwave therapy now makes up 30% of his patient base, and he’s seeing around 42 patients per week, with five on the day of his interview. The outcomes speak for themselves, with Jonathan witnessing amazing results in his own shoulder, as well as in his patients.

If you’re considering investing in shockwave therapy for your practice, Jonathan’s experience is a testament to the positive impact it can have on both your patients and your business. With the support of Venn Healthcare, you too can expand your knowledge and elevate your practice with shockwave therapy. In fact, Jonathan and his team plan to attend shockwave courses with Venn Healthcare to further enhance their knowledge.

If you want to learn more about shockwave therapy, be sure to check out shockwave expert James Woledge’s podcast on Spotify, Apple, and YouTube.