Body contouring devices have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to shape and tone the body without the need for risky surgery. These devices use a variety of non-invasive techniques, such as ultrasound, radiofrequency, and laser energy, to target and reduce fat deposits in specific areas of the body.

The body contouring device market is on the rise and is set to hit £10.4 billion by 2027. This is great news as it indicates a growing interest in body contouring from consumers and a demand for more advanced technology. Body contouring is a popular cosmetic procedure that can help people achieve their ideal body shape and size.

Body contouring involves the use of medical devices or procedures to reshape and contour the body. This can include fat reduction and skin tightening devices, non-invasive fat removal treatments, liposuction, or other body contouring techniques. Body contouring can be used to improve body shape and size, reduce fat, and tighten skin.

The growing demand for body contouring is being driven by a number of factors. For one, the rise of social media has made it easier for people to compare themselves to others and strive to achieve the ‘perfect’ body. Additionally, body contouring is becoming more accessible as the technology is becoming more advanced and cost-effective. Finally, the ageing population is a contributing factor as more people want to combat the effects of ageing on the body.

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The body contouring device market is expected to reach £10.4 billion by 2027 growing by 14% a year from 2023 according to new research*


What different types of body-contouring devices are available?


Cryolipolysis (Clatuu Alpha)

One of the most well-known body contouring technologies is Cryolipolysis , also known as fat freezing. These devices use controlled cooling to freeze and eliminate fat cells in the treatment area. The procedure is non-invasive and requires no downtime, making it a convenient option for those looking to slim down without surgery. The procedure works by cooling the fat cells to a temperature that causes them to die, after which the body naturally eliminates them through the lymphatic system. The procedure can be done on various body parts such as the belly, love handles, thighs, and double chin.

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HIFU (Ultraformer III)

Another popular technology is HIFU, which uses high intensity focused ultrasound energy to target and destroy fat cells. This procedure is non-invasive, painless, and requires no downtime. The procedure works by focusing the ultrasound energy into the fat cells and delivering heat causing them to rupture and be eliminated by the body. This device is mainly used for the abdominal area, flanks and thighs.

It’s reported that Ultraformer III is one of the most safe and effective HIFU treatments on the market.

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Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT)

Acoustic wave therapy (AWT) is a non-invasive procedure that uses high-energy sound waves to target and reduce fat deposits in specific areas of the body. The procedure uses a device that generates mechanical pressure waves that are delivered to the treatment area through a handpiece.

The mechanical pressure waves created by the device travel through the skin and fat layers, reaching the fat cells and surrounding connective tissue. The energy delivered by the waves causes the fat cells to rupture and be eliminated by the body, while also stimulating the production of collagen in the connective tissue.

The procedure is non-invasive and requires no downtime. It is typically done in a series of treatments, with each treatment lasting about 30 minutes. The treatment is relatively painless, and some patients report a slight warming sensation during the procedure.

AWT is mainly used for body contouring and cellulite reduction, but it can also be used for other conditions such as chronic pain and wound healing. The device can be used on various body parts such as the belly, love handles, thighs, and buttocks.

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Body contouring, patient selection & managing expectations

It’s important to note that body contouring devices are not a substitute for weight loss, and are not intended for individuals who are significantly overweight.

These devices are best suited for patients who are at, or near, their ideal body weight but have stubborn pockets of fat that they would like to eliminate. Body contouring devices are best used to eliminate small pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise, with body contouring devices you are looking to improve the silhouette of the patient’s body.

Before undergoing any body contouring procedure, it’s essential for patients to consult with a medical professional to ensure that the procedure is safe and appropriate. As a practitioner you will need to do a thorough examination of the treatment area and evaluate the patient’s overall health status. You will also discuss the expected results, risks, and side effects with the patient.

Overall, body contouring devices are a safe, non-invasive, and convenient option for patients looking to slim down and tone specific areas of the body. With various options available like Clatuu Alpha, Ultraformer III, ULFIT, Acoustic Wave Therapy and more, ensuring you are up-to-date on your device training is critical for your patient care. It is also important to have realistic expectations and understand that these devices are not a substitute for weight loss, and therefore you must manage your patients’ expectations.

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