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Refit is an innovative radiofrequency (RF) device that harnesses the power of RF waves for effective skin tightening and collagen stimulation. By combining RF with vacuum suction and energy pulse methods, Refit offers customized treatments for both the face and body.

The advanced suction technology of Refit targets stubborn cellulite in common areas of concern, such as the lower belly, arms, and thighs. With Refit, you can achieve a firmer and smoother skin texture, giving you a more youthful and confident appearance. The suction targets stubborn cellulite in common areas of concern such as the lower belly, arms and thighs.

Venn Healthcare are the official distributor of the Refit for UK & Ireland.

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Customizable Solution for Face and Body

RF waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation that generate heat when they come in contact with skin tissues. In cosmetic procedures RF waves are used to deliver heat deep into the skin causing collagen fibers to contract and stimulate the production of new collagen which can lead to improved skin tightness and texture.

Refit offers personalized treatment options through the use of three unique handpieces which allow practitioners to tailor each session to their client’s needs. The ability to adjust dynamic pulsation levels allows for flexibility in fitting different treatment protocols. Additionally Refit operates at a low noise level compared to other radiofrequency devices.

Equipped with 3 different handpieces, the Refit allows aestheticians to customize each session according with the needs of the client

Body Contouring & Cellulite Reduction

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Facial Tightening
& Wrinkle Reduction

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3 Handpieces For Face & Body Treatments

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Affordable Device With Low Running Costs

How does the treatment work?

The integrated technology for skin rejuvenation and tightening uses three different methods: Multi-Polar RF for thermal energy stimulation of the skin layers for faster metabolism and tighter collagen, vacuum suction for improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, and LED for increased skin circulation and toning.

The Refit system’s RIDM technology allows for adjustable RF, vacuum suction, and pulse energy values in 5-minute increments, offering customised and efficient treatments for patients and aesthetic specialists through its multiple hand-pieces.


Skin Rejuvenation & Tightening

The RF method generates concentrated thermal energy into the dermal and subcutaneous layers which result in a faster metabolism, tighter collagen development, and improvement of the skin elasticity.


Blood Circulation & Lymphatic Drainage

The vacuum suction approach accumulates blood circulation and drainage of fat cells through the lymphatic system. This technology enhances the delivery of RF energy into deeper layers of the skin.


Skin Circulation & Toning

The custom selection of LED wavelengths between 460nm and 640nm increases blood circulation and improves the skin tone.

RIDM Technology

Redesign Integrated Dynamic Movement

The Refit’s RIDM Technology integrates RF, suction with vacuum, and energy pulse techniques to offer personalized treatments for both the face and body. This seamless blend of features results in a secure and effortless treatment experience.

Tailor your treatments with MMFU cartridges

Seven multifunctional cartridges deliver focused ultrasound energy to the upper dermis, lower dermis, and SMAS. Depths of 1.5mm, 2mm, 3.5mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 9mm & 13mm

“A treatment so relaxing it’s difficult not to fall asleep! Being able to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, tighten skin and improve tone on both the body and face without pain or discomfort is a game-changer for clinics

– David Li


What are the indications for this device?

Face Refit treatments aim to reduce wrinkles and boost collagen production, while body Refit treatments target fat reduction and body shaping.

What consumables do I need for a treatment?

Low cost consumables include a special RF lotion as a conducting agent, sanitizer and a disposal sheet.

How long do the treatments last and how many procedures are required?

The treatment time is approximately 30 minutes and can be adjusted for each individual. It can also be combined with other treatments. A recommended plan is 8 sessions, conducted on a weekly basis or as desired by the customer.

When can patients expect visible results?

Visible changes may occur immediately after treatment, but results may differ based on factors such as treatment time, skin type, target areas, and frequency of treatments. The number of sessions required will be determined by the patient’s goals and needs, in accordance with the recommendation of a qualified aesthetic specialist.

What are the contraindications?

  • Pacemaker, internal defibrillator or other implanted electrical devices.
  • Metal stents / implants.
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • Open or infected wounds.
  • Active systemic or local skin diseases that may affect wound healing.

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