In the world of shockwave therapy, understanding the accessories and tools available to you is crucial to enhance your patient outcomes. Storz Medical offers a bespoke range of shockwave transmitters, meticulously designed for specific therapeutic needs.

Each transmitter reflects the target treatment area’s size and uses materials crafted for optimal performance. This guide explores Storz shockwave transmitters, their applications, and insights from practitioners.

This guide is your doorway to exploring the diverse array of Storz shockwave transmitters, their distinct applications, and valuable insights from practitioners who have their go-to tools for achieving the best outcomes.


The Art of Choosing the Right Transmitter

Why do practitioners often switch between different radial transmitters during therapy? The answer lies in the unique design and functionality of each transmitter, engineered to address a wide spectrum of musculoskeletal conditions with precision. These transmitters are not just tools; they’re extensions of the therapist’s intent, offering adjustable penetration depths, intensities, and features designed to target specific body areas effectively. Whether it’s mitigating enthesopathies, deactivating trigger points, or gently treating sensitive regions like the cervical spine, Storz transmitters are pivotal in enhancing treatment efficacy and ensuring patient comfort.

Storz shockwave transmitters are indispensable tools for healthcare professionals seeking to optimize treatment outcomes. From the versatile R15 to the specialized transmitters like the B15 and Atlas, each device offers unique features tailored to specific therapeutic needs. By understanding their applications and incorporating expert insights provided by practitioners, clinicians can make informed decisions to deliver precise, effective shockwave therapy to their patients. You can buy the full range of Storz applicators in our online shop (link shop)

Here we explore the most popular Storz shockwave transmitters and highlight technical specifications, plus we ask clinicians their experiences and preferences to shed light on how these transmitters can be leveraged for optimal shockwave therapy results, guiding clinicians towards making informed choices in their practice.

shockwave accessory applicator 2
The R15 Transmiter | Standard Transmitter

This is the most common transmitter and comes as standard with all radial systems.

Ideal for: Any type of enthesopathy

Specialty: With a penetration depth of 0-35 mm and an intensity rating of 5/10, the R15 transmitter is the most commonly used and comes as standard with most radial systems.

Example Condition: Patellar tendinopathy of rotator cuff tendinopathy

When to Use: Use the R15 Radial ESWT transmitter for enthesopathies requiring moderate penetration depth and intensity.

Tom Walker, Indergaard Physiotherapy

“My favourite transmitter is the old faithful R15. This is because you can use it for a variety of issues. Preferably I use it for superficial chronic tendon/fascial issues, but depending on the frequency and pressure applied, I find it works really well for trigger point release and soft tissue work in smaller areas. That being said, for deeper pathologies I love using its big brother the Di15, it gives you the extra punch you need sometimes. For really stubborn plantar fasciopathy issues, I have found a lot of success using the Di15”

Chris Wilson, Churches Osteopaths

“My favourite applicator by far has to be the original R15, bit boring I know, followed by the D20/D35 It may be that because we have the Storz Focused T-Top machine the role of the radial device has altered. We tend to use the radial as an area device in surrounding tissues before using the focal to the primary treatment point. Why the R15? Size is good for most areas, domed head gives superior feedback from the tissues, good control of the head during use.

shockwave accessory applicator 3
F15 – White Soft Focus

Ideal for: Superficial pain regions, muscles of mastication, cervical spine

Specialty: Penetration depth of 0-30 mm, intensity rating of 1/10

Example Condition: Temporomandibular joint disorder, tension headaches or fibromyalgia patients to address insertions and the musculotendon junction.

When to Use: Use the F15 White Soft Focus transmitter for superficial pain regions or delicate areas like the muscles of mastication.

Benoy Mathew, Pro Health London

Another of my favourites is the F15 transmitter is invaluable for treating sensitive areas like tennis elbow or insertional Achilles tendon. Unlike other options, the F15 doesn’t cause a stinging sensation and is well tolerated by everyone. I also rely on it for delicate areas such as the jaw and neck, ensuring safe treatment for conditions like TMJ.

Lee Harvey, Chatteris Osteopaths

“My favourites are: F-15: Great for treating TMJ and headaches and the D-20T: Nothing like it for getting into those hamstrings and quads!”

shockwave accessory applicator 4
DI15 – Golden Depth

Ideal for: Deep target areas, chronic disorders, high-energy applications

Specialty: Penetration depth of 0-50 mm, intensity rating of 7/10

Example Condition: Deep gluteal pain syndrome or chronic low back pain

When to Use: Consider the DI15 Golden Depth transmitter for targeting deep-seated chronic disorders or high-energy applications requiring intense treatment.

Benoy Mathew, Pro Health London

I use the DI15 frequently, this is incredibly effective for deep-seated trigger points, such as in the hamstrings and glutes, that have not responded to manual deep tissue massage or dry needling. The DI15 not only surpasses the efficacy of manual techniques but also saves therapists from fatigue.”

shockwave accessory applicator 6
D20 – Golden Oscillator

Ideal for: Myofascial treatment, professional athletes

Specialty: Penetration depth of 0-20 mm, intensity rating of 9/10

Example Condition: Quadriceps strain or calf muscle injury

When to Use: Consider the D20 Golden Oscillator transmitter for high-energy applications in professional athletes or severe myofascial issues.

Stuart Brown, Midlands Shockwave

“My favorite applicator is the D20. It’s versatile, effective, and a great scanning transmitter”

Lee Harvey, Chatteris Osteopaths

“My favourites are: F-15: Great for treating TMJ and headaches and the D-20T: Nothing like it for getting into those hamstrings and quads!”

shockwave accessory applicator 5
D35 S – Large Oscillator

Ideal for: Muscle and connective tissue, large muscles

Specialty: Penetration depth of 0-60 mm, intensity rating of 6/10

Example Condition: Quadratus lumborum strain or hamstring tear

When to Use: Utilize the D35 S Large Oscillator transmitter for treating large muscle groups or deep-seated myofascial issues requiring moderate intensity.

Chris Wilson, Churches Osteopaths

“D35 is very useful for the treatment of hypertonic muscular tissue and fascia and it D35 suits any larger patients.

shockwave accessory applicator 9
The B15 Transmitter | White Tip

Ideal for: Particularly sensitive and deep-lying trigger points

Specialty: Offers a softer shock transmitter surface, making it gentle yet effective for sensitive areas

Example Condition: Chronic myofascial pain syndrome

When to Use: Use the B15 White Tip transmitter for patients with heightened sensitivity to pain or deep-seated trigger points requiring gentle yet effective therapy.

shockwave accessory applicator 7
D20S | Standard Transmitter

Specialty: Penetration depth 20mm Intensity: 7/10

Example condition: Non-specific general energy applicators, meant for general muscular indications, ideal for treating the muscle ‘belly’ in fibromyalgia patients at high energy lower bar to avoid flare ups.

When to use: Muscle and connective tissue

C15 Ceramax – 15 mm | CERAma-x® Transmitter

Ideal for For: Any type of enthesopathy

Specialty: Penetration depth: 0-30 mm, Intensity rating 9/10

Example condition: Deep gluteal pain syndrome

When to Use: Similar to the DI15 transmitter for targeting deep-seated chronic disorders or high-energy applications requiring intense treatment.

shockwave accessory applicator 10
Atlas Transmitter | Soft Tip Silicone

Ideal for: Tender areas such as lateral epicondylitis, cervical spine pain

Specialty: Features a rubber offset for enhanced comfort during treatment, particularly beneficial for delicate or painful areas like the cervical spine or tennis elbow.

Example Condition: Cervical radiculopathy or lateral epicondylitis

When to Use: The Atlas transmitter’s silicone offset makes it ideal for tender areas such as lateral epicondylitis and cervical spine pain, providing patients with a more comfortable experience during therapy. Its design ensures precise application and patient comfort, resulting in better treatment outcomes.

ST20 (soft touch) Disposable silicone applicator for the facial aesthetics

Ideal for: AWT aesthetic facial treatments –

Specialty: Designed for aesthetic facial treatments stimulating collagen synthesis

Example Condition: Fine lines and wrinkles, skin tightening, jaw definition.

When to Use: ST20 transmitter is ideal for aesthetic facial treatments aimed at fine lines, wrinkles, and skin tightening. Use to create a ‘snatched jawline’ target nasolabial folds, crows feet, frown lines and more.


Ideal for: Paravertebral muscles, dysfunctions in the spinal column

Specialty: Various sizes available for different spinal regions / sizes

Example Condition: Facet joint syndrome or thoracic outlet syndrome

When to Use: Select the appropriate SPINE-ACTOR transmitter based on the target spinal region and desired treatment depth.

SPINE-ACTOR® 1 – 20mm

SPINE-ACTOR® 2 – 27.5mm

SPINE-ACTOR® 3 – 35mm


Ideal for: Treating various fascia

Specialty: Different attachments for different fascial areas

Example Condition: Psoas release, Plantar fasciitis or iliotibial band syndrome

When to Use: Utilize the appropriate PERI-ACTOR attachment for targeting specific fascial areas and addressing fascial dysfunction effectively.

PERI-ACTOR® »scoop« – For treating underneath bone

PERI-ACTOR® »scraper« – Treatment of all fascia of the musculoskeletal system

PERI-ACTOR® »knuckle« – Treatment of all medium-sized and large fascia

PERI-ACTOR® »sphere« – Precise spot treatment of fascia

shockwave accessory applicator 12
T10 – Finger

Ideal for: Trigger points, deep targets, enthesopathies

Specialty: Penetration depth of 0-40 mm, intensity rating of 8/10

Example Condition: Plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendinopathy

When to Use: Utilize the T10 Finger transmitter for targeting trigger points or deep-seated issues like enthesopathies with precision and depth.

When to Use: ST20 transmitter is ideal for aesthetic facial treatments aimed at fine lines, wrinkles, and skin tightening. Use to create a ‘snatched jawline’ target nasolabial folds, crows feet, frown lines and more.