This article compares different models of professional shockwave therapy machines for clinical use. If you are looking for a shockwave therapy machine for home use, be aware that it will be ineffective and a waste of your money. If you think you need shockwave therapy for an MSK condition, erectile dysfunction, or something else, please find a shockwave therapy clinic in your local area via our shockwave clinic finder.

Shockwave therapy is one of the fastest spreading MSK technologies in the world, and it isn’t exactly new either. Shockwave therapy has been used since the 1980s for procedures such as breaking down kidney stones, and its efficacy in treating conditions such as tendinopathies, joint pain, ED and more has been known for decades.

You may have had a patient or two ask whether your clinic provides shockwave therapy, and are beginning to research different brands, models, and shockwave types. It can seem pretty daunting, but we’re here to help!

The first thing to check is which type of shockwave type would best suit your needs. Shockwave therapy machines are either focused or radial. Radial shockwave machines perform on greater surface areas of application or larger regions of the body. They are typically more affordable and are usually a great starting point if you haven’t used a shockwave device before. Focused shockwave machines produce waves that are gathered (or focused) into deeper regions of the body, approximately 12.5cm. It is at this point that they reach their maximum energy. Focused shockwaves are used in the treatment of deep trigger points or areas.

For a more detailed comparison of radial vs. focused shockwave technologies, please see our article, Radial vs Focused Shockwave Therapy – What is the Difference?

This article covers which shockwave machines would work best for you depending on your clinic’s needs. The only models we will cover are Storz Medical shockwave machines. Storz Medical is the global market leader and innovator in shockwave technology, and their machines’ reliability, build quality and efficiency are unbeatable. Read more on What Makes Storz Medical Shockwave Machines the Best on the Market?

  • Beginner-friendly

  • Affordable
  • Highly portable

The MPONE is designed for practitioners who are becoming acquainted with shockwave for the first time and have a small clinic, perhaps with a smaller number of patients being treated per week. Although it is small enough to fit on just about any tabletop, and around the weight of a small microwave, this device still packs a punch and is highly reliable at treating various conditions. The MPONE emits radial shockwaves, is virtually maintenance-free and has a very good cost-performance ratio without the need for large capital expenditure.

storz medical mp200 radial shockwave therapy device
  • Top-of-the-line radial shockwave device
  • Wide range of shockwave pressure settings

  • Falcon handpiece with integrated controls

The MP200 is the most powerful of the Masterpuls radial shockwave line, with a
maximum 5 bar pressure and a frequency range of between 1 – 21 Hz. This device is larger and although still portable, best suited for clinics which treat patients with shockwave therapy in-clinic. The MP200 is compatible with Storz shockwave accessories such as the Fascia & Spine Actors, V-Actor and Vacu-Actor, meaning ideal treatment of muscles, fascia and connective tissue structures are all combined in one treatment unit. The device also comes with an optional 10” LCD touchscreen which displays treatment information and makes the device’s operation even easier.

storz t-top ultra product
  • Reach treatment depths of up to 125mm.

  • Focused Sepia handpiece with integrated controls.

  • Treats a wider range of conditions.

The Duolith SD1 T-TOP is Storz’s main focused shockwave device, intended for practitioners who have more experience with shockwaves or are interested in treating additional conditions that radial shockwave therapy would be unable to. It is effective for sports injuries, urology / men’s sexual health including erectile dysfunction, pelvic pain and Peyronies disease, wound healing such as diabetic foot ulcers, bone healing / non -unions and management against pain management. The Sepia handpiece comes with ‘stand-offs’ which are used to adjust the penetration depth according to the condition.

storz t-top ultra product
storz duolith sd-1 ultra shockwave therapy machines
  • Combines both radial and focused shockwave technology.

  • Optional ultrasound imaging.

  • Best for multi-disciplinary and hospital use.

The Duolith SD1 Ultra combines the best of multiple technologies into one device. It is best suited for clinics that would like to offer two or three of the available treatments to a regular stream of patients. The SD1 Ultra allows for the treatment of the widest range of conditions, allowing clinics to treat the maximum number of patients. The device comes with both Falcon and Sepia handpieces and a 15.6” LCD touchscreen display.

storz medical shockwave mp100 vet device
  • Large treatment depth, useful for equine use.

  • Wide range of conditions and animals treatable.

  • Sepia handpiece with integrated controls, meaning minimal practitioner movement needed for operation.

The Duolith SD1 T-TOP VET is a focused shockwave machine designed for veterinary clinics. Because of the impressive treatment depth, as well as treating injuries close to the skin and in smaller animals like cats and dogs, the device can also treat deep tissue or bone injuries in large animals like horses. The device can be fully controlled from the handpiece, meaning that you will not have to move between the animal and the machine to change settings. This is especially useful with nervous animals or animals that need to be held on the table. No sedation, medication, or anesthesia is typically needed and most conditions can be treated in between 3-5 short sessions.

The MP100 VET is the equivalent radial device if radial shockwaves would better suit your clinic’s needs.

storz medical ultravet veterinary shockwave therapy machine

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