There are an abundance of fat freezing machines (also called cryolipolysis machines) on the market, ranging from the ineffective, to the well marketed, to the most advanced technology with medical CE marking, then everything else in between. Not surprisingly it is very confusing for patients and practitioners alike on what device is best for them. With an abundance poor quality and ineffective devices, and even laughable “fat freezing belts” it’s important when choosing a machine or treatment that you see past the hype, clever marketing, Z list celebrity endorsements and do some research into the company and the manufacturer you’re purchasing from.

But what is fat freezing (cryolipolysis) and how does it work?

A cryolipolysis machine offers non-surgical fat reduction treatments, a non-invasive alternative to liposuction – perfect for those who are needle phobic and want to avoid the risks associated with this type of surgery. The devices are designed to help patients tackle areas of unwanted excess fat that perhaps diet and exercise just hasn’t managed to shift, or to help boost the fat loss process alongside diet and exercise. Results will depend on the device you use, the patients post treatment diet / exercise and post treatment massage. Fat freezing is not a permanent solution to weight-loss and patients should be made aware that without the combination of a healthy diet and active lifestyle, the results won’t be lasting. Whilst fat freezing can help with weight-loss goals, it should not be considered a substitute for a healthy lifestyle.

What is Clatuu Alpha Fat Freezing?

The Clatuu Alpha is an efficient, affordable and reliant fat freezing/cryolipolysis machine, an excellent fat loss solution, especially for those who have put on an extra few pounds during the months spent indoors during the Coronavirus pandemic. The Clatuu Alpha works by targeting fat cells while leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed. The device targets these fat cells at a temperature of -9°, the optimum temperature for fat cell death, these cells are then absorbed into the body and expelled through natural metabolic processes.

Due to the non-surgical nature of the procedure, the process is hassle and pain free. Patients are awake for the duration and are able to watch TV, go on their phone, talk and so on. The device itself boasts several elements of the latest technology; a 360° suction cup that provides even greater efficiency and precision, a dual handset meaning that practitioners can treat two areas of the body during one treatment session, this saving both valuable time and money and an AI applicator so that it can automatically compute recommended parameters for each cup that is connected for effective disposal of stubborn fat pockets.

clatuu alpha fat freezing
Stronger suction + 360 degree cooling = Better results

Not only is the Clatuu Alpha capable of 20% stronger suction, but users can also adjust the cooling and suction levels by way of providing customised sessions for patients and clients. The device is able to reach its target temperature much faster than previous models, again increasing time efficiency and convenience for the patient.

Highlights of the Clatuu Alpha:
  • Can treat almost any area of the body at any angle
  • Highly effective, affordable & pain free
  • Precise & efficient
  • Each treatment yields between 25-30% reduction of stubborn fat
  • Expandable range of applicators for all needs
  • Can treat the abdomen and the chin at the same time
What areas can the Clatuu Alpha treat?

Almost any area of the body, including:

  • Chin
  • Knees
  • Axilla [armpit]
  • Bingo wings/ Arms
  • Abdomen / Mummy Tummy
  • Inner thighs
  • Saddle bags
  • Bra line/back fat
  • Flanks
  • Under buttocks
  • Love handles
What can patients expect during a fat freezing treatment?

Due to the non-surgical nature of the Clatuu Alpha fat freezing treatment, there is no down time required for patients. However, during the first 5 minutes of treatment, patients may experience a deep tugging and pinching sensation on the target area. Patients require a vigorous massage on the treatment area to warm the area back up. Post treatment the area maybe a little numb for a while and a little tender.

What additional treatments compliment Clatuu Alpha fat freezing?

Acoustic wave therapy (AWT) is an excellent adjunct to fat freezing, it offers a form of advanced mechanical massage, replacing a manual massage using acoustic waves. This helps to speed up the process of ‘unfreezing’ the area, whilst accelerating the breakdown of fat cells and increasing blood flow to the area, improving skin texture and tone. AWT also helps to provide a more even result, during manual hand massage the pressure can be uneven and the clinician may become fatigued. AWT prevents clinician fatigue and compliments the treatment perfectly.

Why is the range of fat freezing cups / applicators and their uses is important

With a simple press-and-release mechanism, the Clatuu Alpha allows maximum convenience and makes switching cooling cups as simple as possible. Detaching cables or turning the system off is not required, even during treatments. The Clatuu Alpha applicators have been specially designed to fit the most common problem areas on different body shapes, the right applicator for the right area is essential for excellent results and to also to prevent bruising.

2 applicators can be used simultaneously, these applicators are as follows:

  • ARC-T: thighs, saddle bags and other flat and wide areas
  • WING max: Upper & lower abdomen
  • WING: Upper & lower abdomen, flanks & other large areas
  • WING Plus: Bra line, back & love handles
  • FLAT mini: Double chin, axilla, knees & other local regions
  • WING mini: Double chin, axilla, knees & other local regions
  • FLAT: Abdomen & inner thighs
clatuu alpha fat freezing
Which fat freezing device is best?

With such advanced technology, the Clatuu Alpha comes out on top. The ability to carry out 360° surround cooling technology enables this device to target the full area and increase efficiency by up to 18.1% by allowing delivery of cooling to the entire cup and as a result, removing fat cells more effectively.

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Can fat freezing tighten skin?

The Clatuu Alpha treatment can’t tighten skin, but the device does work well alongside other treatments such as HIFU. Ultraformer III and it’s smaller alternative ULFIT are the go to medical grade HIFU devices for skin tightening post fat freezing.

Where can I buy a Clatuu Alpha device?

Here at Venn Healthcare we are specialists in an array of medical and medical aesthetic devices. The Clatuu Alpha is just one of the Classys devices that we stock and sell. For more information, please feel free to get in touch.