Shockwave Clinics Ltd, who you may likely know from their men’s health brand Mansmatters, is a UK healthcare brand that prioritises innovative and effective solutions. Co-founded by Leon Almashan and Charles Turner, their combined medical and management expertise has fostered the development of a thriving, patient-centered enterprise.

At the heart of Shockwave Clinics is a steadfast dedication to improving people’s lives through specialised treatments. Globally acknowledged for their pioneering approach, the company has experienced significant and sustained growth. They have become a leading authority in drug-free men’s health treatments, especially in tackling conditions such as erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease, always prioritising exceptional and compassionate care for their patients.

Charles Turner oversees operational, strategic, and clinical excellence within Shockwave Clinics. Drawing on his extensive experience advising numerous blue-chip clients including GlaxoSmithKline and Bristol Myers Squibb, he plays a pivotal role in evaluating emerging medical technologies. His expertise is instrumental in identifying innovations that enable quicker and more effective healing.

Leon Almashan, a graduate of St Georges Medical School, specialises in assessing, treating, and rehabilitating individuals affected by disease, injury, or degeneration of the neurovascular system and the body as a whole. Serving as the lead medical consultant at Shockwave Clinics, Leon has successfully treated thousands of patients worldwide.

Empowered by Storz Technology

Shockwave Clinics’ success is in part due to the incorporation of Storz Medical technology into their clinics. Their collaboration with Venn Healthcare and Storz Medical, a leading manufacturer of shockwave therapy devices, has been instrumental in refining their treatment methods and driving their expansion. The reliability and accuracy of the devices, as well as the support they receive is hard to beat, especially considering their fast-growing operation. A customer of Venn Healthcare’s for several years, Shockwave Clinics has recently acquired eleven focused T-Top shockwave therapy and Magnetolith EMTT machines. The devices are used for a wide array of treatments within their clinics, from MSK to men’s health.

Leon and Charles are also avid attendees of our annual Shockwave Innovations conference, in which they stay up to date with the latest advancements in shockwave and non-invasive medicine.

Expanding Services

Operating from two key locations in Knightsbridge and Richmond upon Thames, Shockwave Clinics is committed to extending their service reach. Their Knightsbridge Clinic, launched in February 2023, offers a comprehensive range of services including men’s health, women’s health, and orthopedic treatments. With its strategic location near Harrods and featuring five well-equipped clinic rooms, they have firmly established a significant and accessible presence in London.

A Path of Dedication

The journey of Shockwave Clinics is marked by dedication, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to patient well-being. With Storz Medical ensuring the fundamental efficiency and effectiveness of the technology and Venn Healthcare providing education and servicing support Shockwave Clinics have set new standards in men’s health treatments. Under the thoughtful and experienced leadership of Leon and Charles, the company’s progress is a vivid reflection of their consistent and focused pursuit of healthcare excellence.