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Since our inception in 2010, Venn Healthcare have grown to be the largest shockwave therapy device supplier in the UK & Ireland, throughout which we are proud to supply Storz Medical shockwave devices to over a thousand hospitals, clinics, universities and sports clubs. We have also widely expanded our product line, both in orthopaedics and aesthetics, and tailored a training network that certifies hundreds of healthcare professionals a year.

Since its inception Venn has strived not just to be a trusted and efficient supplier, but to be the best in everything we do, be it technology, education, repairs, maintenance or customer service.

Venn are not just your device supplier, but your shockwave therapy partner.

Here’s exactly what makes us the best.

Largest shockwave therapy education network on the planet.

In 2016 Venn realised that to truly be the central hub of UK shockwave it had to prioritise education. Education empowers our customers with the knowledge and practical experience to deliver the best treatment results possible for their patients, meaning maximum return on their shockwave investment. 2023 has been our most ambitious year yet with over 100 courses, conferences and events planned in major cities around the UK.

We provide practical and comprehensive education for practitioners at all levels, both online and offline. As a new Storz device owner, you gain access to at least two hours of online training, eight hours of essential in-person practical training, eight hours of greater depth in-person training. There is also free access to over forty hours of pre-recorded webinars, additionally, customers have ongoing access to advanced training throughout the year.

We also offer a collection of thirteen Level 10 textbook publications written by esteemed professors and doctors, covering various applications of shockwave therapy, including multi-disciplinary use, sports injuries, enthesopathies, urology, myofascial syndrome, and pseudoarthrosis.

Top rated aftersales, servicing, maintenance & training in the UK.

Training, servicing and maintenance are all carried out in-house by our team of professionals at Venn Healthcare, meaning you will never have to rely or wait on third parties for any technical issues, servicing and maintenance needs.

We are proud to have received 150 five-star Google reviews for our training, service, and delivery, reflecting our commitment to customer satisfaction. With over 3000 practitioners trained, we have conducted surveys among more than 500 participants, results show an impressive 94% of respondents rated our education as outstanding, highlighting the quality and effectiveness of our training programs.

At Venn Healthcare, we prioritise responsive, quick, and efficient service. We offer various service levels to cater to your specific needs. In the rare event of a system issue, we provide loan handpieces to ensure you never experience downtime. Moreover, our comprehensive servicing and maintenance options guarantee the longevity and optimal performance of your equipment.

Five-star reviews
Practitioners trained
% rated service “outstanding”
Top-of-the-line shockwave systems.

As of 2023, Storz Medical have sold over 50,000 devices in over 180 countries. They hold over 200 design patents, have won 3 design awards, and have been involved in over 100 PubMed publications. For almost five decades they have sat at the very forefront of shockwave research and technological advancement.

Storz devices are Swiss manufactured, distinguishing them from many other systems, especially radial devices, which are often produced by Chinese-based manufacturers that attempt to copy Storz designs, often being sold by vaguely reputable looking companies. These imitation devices lack medical credibility and supporting evidence. By choosing Storz, you can trust in the quality and reliability of experienced Swiss craftsmanship.

As well as generally being the sleeker looking machines, Storz shockwave machines have been designed with ease of use in mind. Unlike leading competitor devices, both the MASTERPULS and DUOLITH series can be fully controlled from the handpiece. You won’t need to move back and forth between patient and device to adjust settings and there are no clunky and impractical foot pedals. This can be especially useful in veterinary settings, where movement needs to be kept to a minimum.

Optional radial shockwave applicator accessories can also be attached to the handpieces to deliver shockwaves specific to a certain treatment protocol. Storz applicator heads vary in head size and material used, this varies the penetration depth and intensity across all shockwave therapy treatments. These applicators include complementary technologies such as VACU-ACTOR® vacuum therapy and the vibration and massage therapy with the V-ACTOR® handpiece. The extensive transmitter programme for radial shockwave therapy further optimises the treatment of different indications/body areas.

Owners of Storz shockwave therapy machines also get access to the Storz Shockwave Education Portal, which contains information, instructional videos, promotional images and application brochures.

Industry-leading research and development.

Storz Medical consistently invest in research and development, resulting in continuous innovations and improvements each year. By partnering with us, you gain access to the latest advancements in shockwave technology, ensuring you provide your patients with cutting-edge treatments. Storz are the first and only company in the world to now offer shockwave in the field of Neurology, which means Storz are now supplying systems to seven different medical disciplines – Orthopaedics, Urology, Dermatology, Neurology, Cardiology, Veterinary and Medical Aesthetics

  • Radial Devices: We have a comprehensive range of radial devices available, which means we can recommend the most appropriate Storz system for your practice. Furthermore, the extensive range of radial applicator options allows for a wide range of treatment applications while ensuring fantastic clinical results as well as patient comfort.
  • Focused Devices: Thanks to Storz’s commitment to research and development, their focused systems now boast exceptional longevity. The electromagnetic coil in these devices typically doesn’t require replacement until after two million shots, as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure consistent power delivery. While they can last longer in principle, adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendation safeguards both the machinery’s efficiency and durability. Just like driving on bald tires is possible but not advised, following manufacturer guidelines ensures optimal performance.
Unbeatable value for money.

Storz devices do not aim to be the cheapest on the market, but they do offer the most value for your money.

Considering education, service, reliability and quality, there is no other shockwave device on the market that will fit as cleanly and easily into your practice for the price that you pay. Rather than one “one-size-fits” devices, Venn offers a range of radial and focused devices to suit various budgets, including radial rental systems.

Remember, anyone can offer something cheaper, but it’s important to prioritise quality and comprehensive support for optimal business benefits and patient outcomes. As they say, buy nice or buy twice!

Integrated marketing resource support.

We provide marketing support to our partners, offering access to flyers, posters, images, and more. These resources can help you effectively promote your shockwave therapy services and attract more clients. As a Storz device owner you also have access to their customer intranet where you have videos, application guides, webinars and more are at your disposal.

Our in-house marketing team also periodically write helpful articles on how to best market your business, covering topics from how to optimise your workflow using AI, to how to advertise in your local area with Google Ads.

Iron-clad integrity.

We don’t do pushy sales tactics and never oversell, our intentions are not to sell you the biggest and most expensive systems unless that is what you need, in fact, we quite often do just the opposite. We believe in offering honest advice to guide you to the best system for your practice. We’d rather ease you in and educate you well so you get the best patient outcomes. We take you on a journey to help grow your shockwave business and will only recommend what you need.

By partnering with Venn Healthcare and Storz Medical, you benefit from outstanding education, evidence-based technology, continuous research and development, excellent value for money, Swiss craftsmanship, elegant design, and top-notch service. Together, we can help you deliver the most effective shockwave therapy treatments and achieve optimal business and patient outcomes.

Have a look below at what some of our customers have to say.

It is such a joy to work with a company that understands customer service so well

“It is such a joy to work with a company that understands customer service so well. It has been the smoothest journey with Venn, and Jonny the sales director. They have listened to our requirements and matched them perfectly. We are now working with a company that can drive our educational needs and are the leaders in R&D for shockwave therapy. I am super excited to get this new service off the ground at our clinic.”

Paul Goss, BodyLogic Health

No hesitation doing more business with Venn

“Venn provides service as you would want it with quick responses, thorough explanations and time to help when you need it with anything. Matt, Gabby and Jonny have been great with the purchase and delivery of the machine and Karen and the media for marketing also brilliant! Thanks. No hesitation doing more business with Venn going forwards!”

Ole Gulliksen, Otley Osteopaths

Very professional and extremely helpful

“First of all a big thank you from the Medikas Team for the training today. All the girls have said it is the best training they have had on a new machine and you’ve been amazing. In fact the girls who were here yesterday to receive the machine said the delivery team were also very professional and extremely helpful so well done to the whole team at Venn Healthcare”

Steve Bartlett, Medikas Clinic

Slick delivery and setup

“Fantastic service from Venn and the team including Jonny, Matt and Gabby. Slick delivery and set up and we can’t wait to start using the machine!”

Amy Gasson, Mint Wellbeing

We can’t wait to purchase more products from their dedicated team

“The best in the Shockwave Therapy world. At Venn you feel a part of the community & I have full trust in them when purchasing any equipment. We had a Shockwave machine that required a tune up. In record time we had the awesome engineering team come out to see us. We can’t wait to be purchasing more products from a dedicated team.
Great work Venn Healthcare!

Rushabh Savla, R&D Physio

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