Martin Thomas is an experienced Advanced Practice Physiotherapist and Advanced First Contact Physiotherapy practitioner within the NHS. He has recently opened a new clinic in Harrogate, I Empower, equipped with advanced Storz Medical focused shockwave equipment. In this clinic feature, we’ll explore Martin’s journey and understand why he chose Storz for his practice.


Addressing a Local Need in Harrogate
The Harrogate community and its neighboring regions have been in need of a focused shockwave therapy service for some time. Recognising this gap in healthcare services, Martin Thomas took the initiative and established his private clinic at The Fitness Rooms, located within the respected White Hart Hotel in Harrogate.

However, Martin’s clinic isn’t solely focused on shockwave therapy. It offers a comprehensive array of services, with a primary emphasis on Musculoskeletal (MSK) Physiotherapy and Men’s Health Physiotherapy. By incorporating focused shockwave therapy, patients now have the convenience of experiencing this healing acceleration treatment in the heart of Harrogate.

Choosing Storz for Quality and Reliability

You might be curious about Martin Thomas’ decision to go with Storz medical shockwave equipment and in particular the Focused Duolith T-Top. The answer lies in his extensive experience with shockwave therapy and his commitment to providing the best care to his patients. Having previously served as a Venn Healthcare shockwave tutor, both in-person and online, Martin is well-versed in various shockwave machines and technologies.

What distinguishes Storz, according to Martin, is not only the exceptional durability of their machines but also the comprehensive service and educational support provided by Venn Healthcare. Storz machines are crafted in Switzerland, renowned for its excellence in manufacturing high-quality medical equipment. By selecting a Storz machine, Martin ensures that his patients receive nothing but the highest standard of care.