Arny, Runner

Condition: Calf Injury

Treated by: Paul Hobrough Physio & Therapy UK

Device: Storz DUOLITH SD1 T-TOP »F-SW ultra«

runner calf injury shockwave therapy


Arny arrived at Physio & Therapy UK with complaints of pain from a reoccurring calf injury. As a keen runner, Arny felt this calf issue was holding him back from training, and although he had had physio before, he was yet to find a treatment which provided long lasting relief and tackled the root of the issue.

Shockwave therapy can be used for calf injuries and many other musculoskeletal conditions. It involves passing high frequency acoustic waves through the skin and into the muscle or tendon. This causes microtrauma, increases blood flow and stimulates an acute inflammatory response which aids the healing process.

Treatment Protocol

Physio & Therapy UK used a combination approach, using both Radial and Focused Shockwave Therapy:

  • Soft tissue release to the gastrocnemius and soleus, sub talar mobilisation and mobilisation of the tarsals and metatarsals.
  • Dry needling to the two heads of gastrocnemius and concurrent application of Radial Shockwave Therapy at 2.5-3 bar pressure for 2000 shocks at frequency of 12.
  • Followed by Focused Shockwave Therapy at the site of the lesion 1500 shocks are 0.25 frequency of 4.
  • 6 weeks of treatment with 7 day frequency and home exercise initially for isomeric calf raises 45 second holds x 4 every other day for 2 weeks, then heavy slow resistance 4 x 15 alternate days for 4 weeks.
  • Moderate stretching – just into sensation not pain 4 times per day 45 seconds

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“I had read Paul’s book, “Running Free of Injuries”, and I knew that he was one of the leading physiotherapists in the country, so I decided to take the plunge and book an appointment.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure quite what to expect and, in fact, I was quite nervous about going. After all, Paul treats some of the top athletes in the country, and there he was, about to treat me! However, the moment I walked into the clinic, I realised that I had nothing to be nervous about. It has a lovely warm, friendly feel about it, and the staff are really friendly. I was greeted by Emily, who made me very welcome indeed.

I discussed my calf problem with Paul, and he immediately set about diagnosing the problem. This guy is a chartered physiotherapist and he has seen it all before – I would doubt if there was a condition that he couldn’t fix.

After the initial assessment, Paul clearly explained what needed to be done, and also explained what my options were. I opted to go for the shockwave therapy treatment. Now this was a bit more expensive, but I would strongly recommend it to anyone. Shockwave therapy is definitely the way to go! .

I had 6 sessions of shockwave therapy, I can’t believe the difference it has made. My leg feels so much stronger, and I am able to run again without the constant fear of my leg popping. I really looked forward to each session, as I knew that I was getting the best treatment possible. I would highly recommend Shockwave Therapy”.

– Arny