Nick Age 55, Solihull


Condition: Erectile Dysfunction
Treated by: Stuart Brown Midland Shockwave
Device: Storz Medical Focused SD1 T-Top ULTRA

Nick came to Midlands Shockwave Clinic in Solihull with an issue that 50-55% of men between the ages of 40 and 70 years old suffer from, which constitutes around 4.3 million men in the UK. Unfortunately only 50% of men who have symptoms of ED will seek help.

The majority of the time men will be prescribed PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra, which can be an effective treatment, however it isn’t suitable for many men due to interactions with other medications or underlying conditions like cardiovascular disease or low blood pressure.

Shockwave therapy is a drug-free, pain free treatment which has virtually no risks, side effects, or down-time. It can treat the condition with a 75% success rate and if the underlying causes of the ED are treated (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, excessive weight, etc), the effects can be permanent.

shockwave therapy machine erectile dysfunction

Nick received six 30-minute treatment sessions over a course of six weeks. The treatment involved passing the handle of the focused shockwave device over the penis, which sends focused shockwaves through the skin and breaks down fatty plaques (atherosclerosis) as well as encouraging the formation of new blood vessels, improving potential blood flow into the penis.

Nick was thrilled with the results and recommends it to men suffering from similar conditions.

“I was recommended to Stuart at Midland Shockwave/Solihull Chiropody following a period of problems maintaining an erection. The consultation made clear what was going to happen and the “non-invasive” nature of the shock wave treatment appealed to me.

After the first treatment there was no significant progress, but after the second and third results started to happen quickly.

After the course of all 6 treatments over a 6 week period the results have been fantastic. I would not hesitate to recommend Stuart and the treatment that he offers, which is appropriate for any male that needs to rejuvenate his sex life.

The treatment is painless and Stuart makes it as pleasant as possible.”

– Nick