Venn Healthcare interviews Gareth Lambe about his experiences with shockwave therapy for his plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis involves inflammation of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot and connects your heel bone to your toes (the plantar fascia), and it is one of the most common causes of heel pain. The condition commonly causes stabbing pain that usually occurs with your first steps in the morning. As you move throughout the day, the pain normally decreases but can return after long periods of standing or when you stand up after sitting.

Here we interview Gareth Lambe, who received radial shockwave therapy on his feet to treat his plantar fasciitis, as well as his shoulder to treat general shoulder pain.


Name: Gareth Lambe

Age: 39

Condition: Plantar Fasciitis & Shoulder Pain

Treated at: How Clinic, Edinburgh

Device Used: MP200 MasterPuls

What is / was your condition?

Plantar Fasciitis and a painful shoulder / neck area. I work on my feet for long periods of time, which has possibly contributed to the development of Plantar Faciitis. My shoulder was injured whilst in the gym, using a particular weight machine.

How long have you had / did you have symptoms?

I have had Plantar Fasciitis symptoms for approximately one year, my shoulder symptoms approximately 6-8 months.

How did it impact your life / sport / physical activity?

I still remained active, I had to be for work, but I was in constant discomfort at work and had trouble sleeping because of my shoulder.

What other treatments did you try prior to Shockwave Therapy?

I had tried heat rubs and various stretching exercises, but nothing seemed to work.

How many sessions of Shockwave Therapy did you have ?

On my shoulder I had 6-7 Shockwave Therapy sessions, including the V Actor massager, which was used to help loosen the muscle and prepare the surrounding area for the Shockwave treatments.

On my foot I had 4 sessions of Shockwave Therapy for my Plantar Fasciitis.

How was it during the Shockwave treatment?

I felt slight discomfort on my shoulder with the shockwave, however there was slight relief immediately after treatment. The main benefit was felt 2 days after, when the pain in my shoulder had eased considerably.

Shockwave on the Plantar Fascia was painful right on the sore spot, but bearable. I noticed a remarkable improvement in my Plantar Fasciitis after treatment, it felt much better.

I continue to have maintenance shockwave therapy sessions 2 per year for my shoulder.

How is the condition now and how has it improved your life / sport / physical activity?

My shoulder is much improved, the Plantar Fasciitis has gone.

Where did you receive the Shockwave Therapy treatment?

I had the treatment at the How Clinic. Shockwave therapy was a little pricey for me, but totally worth it because it gets the desired results quickly. Other treatments maybe cheaper, but you would probably need more sessions, over a longer period of time costing more in the long run and not necessarily given you the desired results.

Would you recommend Shockwave Therapy to others with this condition or similar conditions?

I would definitely without doubt recommend Shockwave Therapy.