Simon, a physically active PR and communications consultant from Edinburgh, is back in the saddle with the help of Shockwave Therapy. He tells us his story in with a good dose of humour!


Condition: Back injury

Treated at: How Clinic, Edinburgh

Device Used: MP200 MasterPuls

man on a horse shockwave therapy
What is / was your condition?

A slipped disk – good old L4 which spontaneously popped out one morning

How long have you had / did you have symptoms?

The condition hit me in March 2017. One morning, I came down stairs, habitually unlocked my front door (which proved fortuitous) headed to the kitchen for breakfast … and didn’t make it.

How did it impact your life / sport / physical activity?

Immediately, I found myself lying on the floor of my hall, my legs not working, and my back feeling as though I had been both stabbed, and the assailant was twisting the knife. Imaging what went through my mind – the least serious was the possibility of auditioning for a remake of Ironside (look up your early seventies cop shows if memories of the wheelchair bound San Fransisco sleuth need refreshing).

What other treatments did you try prior to Shockwave Therapy?

Well, I can’t fault the NHS for emergency response. I was relayed by ambulance to a general hospital, and admitted immediately. Richard Ashcroft may argue the point, but for me, the drugs do work. I was stabilised and able to limp home that evening, but with a carrier bag of pharmaceuticals to keep me functioning. Physiotherapy was scheduled for me, but there’s lots of pressure on the service and a wait that ran to months – obviously not ideal as I was only functioning with the support of a drug, that I can only describe as ‘really scary’.

How did you find the Shockwave Therapy treatment ?

I’m delighted that my friends rallied round, and one found Helen How, simply the most sympathetic professional I’ve met. After a reassurance over the phone, she obviously recognised my anxiety, and said just come see me when you’re able to get across town.

How many sessions of Shockwave Therapy did you have ?

Helen started me on an open-ended course of Shockwave Therapy, right from our first consultation. Over the spring and summer, I had at least six sessions as part of a really comprehensive rehabilitation.

How was it during the Shockwave treatment?

Really reassuring, comfortable and relaxing. I felt an immediate improvement, right there in the treatment room.

How was it immediately after treatment ?

After the session I felt energised, more comfortable, and – subjectively – more recovered. Most importantly, I felt more confident about taking on the rest of my recovery regime. Helen How is a very astute practitioner, and by explaining how Shockwave Therapy was helping strengthen me, I felt better equipped to take on the physical aspects of rehab.

How long since your last session of Shockwave Therapy?

It’s been about six months since my last session.

How is the condition now and how has it improved your life / sport / physical activity?

A year ago, I genuinely worried if I’d ever recover. Now, a little more than a year on, I find I can look back and say that was a medical episode, but an episode from which I’ve made a great recovery. I’m doing all the things I did beforehand, and when I get a phone call from the local cricket club, looking for someone to turn out low down the batting order or field on the boundary, I’m delighted to say “I’ll be there.”

Would you recommend Shockwave Therapy to others with this condition or similar conditions?

Yes, I would. There’s a whole world of uncertainty after a back injury – but Shockwave Therapy has helped me come to terms with that, and helped me get back into active life.